Manal Garcia Fitness June Challenge
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Here we go again!!! 1 month of less sugar, no alcohol, at home workouts to compliment your current training and weekly check in / feedback with Manal

It's time to do the final preparations for the Challenge.

The Workouts
I'll be giving you at home workouts which are to be done on the days you aren't at training, aiming for a total of 5 workouts per week.  These workouts are designed to go for 30 minutes but you can add running / skipping or some other form of cardio in between exercises. You will receive 3 per week.  Any questions, just message me. You can access the workouts via the Facebook page (scroll down for link) or via my You Tube page :

4 weeks of no alcohol at all - you can do it!
 Take it one week at a time. No sugar in coffee / tea, no added sugar in anything, no soft drinks (even diet), be aware of sugar in sauces - bbq, tomato etc.  Refer to the guidelines I sent you in February (or ask me to resend).  Remember you are resetting your taste buds.  It doesn't take long to find your sugary coffee too sweet.  Each spoon adds up.  Stick with this - your skin will be brighter, you'll get over the afternoon slump, you'll taste food differently and feel better overall.  Keep fruit to the mornings if you can.
Food diary
Keep a diary and send it to me every Friday - only if you want to.  I'm happy to give weekly feedback.
Here's a nice starting point on how your day could look:
Portion sizes
Eat small portions more frequently.  Fill up on plenty of water.  Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger, so reach for the water before you eat. Minimum 2 litres per day.
Send in bust, waist, hips, thighs prior to commencing.  We will measure again mid way and at the end of the challenge.
Facebook page
If you are on facebook please check in to the Challenge page daily for recipes and advice.  It's a closed page so only participants can see what's going on.  here's the link :
I initially used "I quit sugar" for the February Challenge which I found pretty useful for ideas.  I'm sure there's plenty of useful info out there so if you find anything wonderful please share with the rest of us!
Good luck!!!  We are in this together :)

Take a look at the timetable on the website for sessions. The June Challenge will commence Thursday June 1. Participants must be enrolled by Friday May 26 .


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