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July News
Welcome to the second half of the year!! What an awesome month we've had, albeit very cold.....
We successfully completed the June Challenge and I must admit for me, a challenge in winter just felt that much harder than Summer.  We got through it and read on for our wrap up from the always gorgeous Eliza.

Exciting news as I successfully completed further studies and gained accreditation as a Level 2 Recreational Run Coach with Athletics New South Wales and Athletics Australia.  We have already trialled a few "learn to run" groups and I will shortly be asking for interest for a Run Club starting
in the warmer months.

Also the Run Beyond Project kids trained with Manal Garcia Fitness in the school holidays, one of their last sessions before they compete in their upcoming 10km race...

In this newsletter:
Check out our  2017 Timetable to find a group session that works for you or email for more information on one-to-one or corporate training. 

XX Manal


The Run Beyond Project

The Run Beyond Project uses running as a mechanism to promote goal-setting, commitment and resilience in high school students who are facing adversity. Currently kids from a number of High Schools are involved.
In the last Month the kids from The Run Beyond Project have been very busy. As a supporter of this amazing project, Manal Garcia Fitness and The Run Beyond Project Kids trained together.
The participants have been working towards their goal race, The 2017 Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival 10km race.  As an added challenge, and to mix up their training, the kids endured and conquered a tough session with Manal.  This impressive bunch boxed, lifted weights, sprinted, squatted and sweated through the session without a complaint.  Their focus and determination was evident.  
From Teacher Ms Shannon : "Our students loved training with Manal. Her training really catered to their fitness abilities. Although, we were members of the DOMS #paintrain within the next few days. Thank you so much for helping our students on their fitness journey."
A pleasure Ms Shannon. Looking forward to the next school holiday challenge!!

Eliza's June Challenge wrap up

How did you find the Challenge 2nd time around? 

I felt this time around I knew what I was in for and I was prepared for the blindspots I fell into last challenge. I also find winter to be an easier season to focus on health and fitness as there aren’t too many social outings that can get me in trouble. 

What was the Hardest Part?
Going to a wedding (with a free cocktail bar all night) and not drinking. I also travel a lot for work, so it was really hard to keep up with the additional workouts when I couldn’t get to the group training sessions. Manal was great, and even got me out on a solo run when I was home. 

What was the Easiest Part?
Having Matt (my husband) complete the challenge with me – it meant I had accountability at home! I also loved the run group – I would really like the see that continue (hint hint Manal ;) ) 

What will you continue? 
I’m going to keep running into my weekly fitness plan as I found great pride in seeing the improvements. Plus, 2 days into July I still haven’t had a sip of alcohol – so let’s see if that continues! 

Congratulations on your success Eliza!  You are such an inspiration to all of us xx

Client Profile - Trish

Trish's story: 
"As the days lead into weeks, the weeks into months and my short time on the lounge over the weekends became long times; without really noticing; I was so tired from lack of real sleep, I became a weekend couch potato; that was my weekend woes. My Monday to Fridays routine was parking on the side of the road on my way to work, and having a power nap, because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Yes, I was staring down the barrel of 50, menopause had already taken the best of me, HRT my only way of coping. Off to the doctor I went, & an overnight sleep test, diagnosed me with Sleep Apnoea, yes menopause, contributed to the condition BUT it was my sedentary life that was exasperating it. A clear message came from the sleep professor; exercise you way out of the apnoea!! Fast forward 2 years training with the “chef” and I now sleep like a baby, & am free from Sleep Apnoea. When I started training I could hardly get on the ground let alone get back up again. “burpee” meant releasing gas, plank was something you rested on, dips were something you ate with a cracker! NOW I can pretty much keep up with the gang of great people I have got to know at the “chefs” sessions & I’ve learnt to shuffle/run a km under 10min (very proud) & box like Mohamad Ali; I now spend a great deal if time with my "sista" & the “chef", climbing stairs, getting up and down off the ground (because it’s all in the up & down). Thanks Manal Garcia Fitness….."
Trish is known to us as "Lady Boss", Manal is known to Trish as "the chef" and Cath (Trish's sister) is "Sista sista" .. what a blessing to have Trish walk into our lives 2 years ago. A perfect fit for our eclectic bunch of fabulous people at Manal Garcia Fitness!!

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