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January News

Happy New Year!!!  Welcome to 2018 and all the fabulous adventures that await us. As we return from holidays with full bellies and happy smiles, everyone has been begging for another Challenge month.  So here it is... The February Challenge is about to begin!!  Read below - how to join and what we'll do.  If last year's 3 Challenges are anything to go by, we should see the exercise increase, the food choices improve and possibly a few kilos shed by March.  I'll be joining you every day and updating our private facebook page throughout the month.  Can't wait!!

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Check out our  2018 Timetable to find a group session that works for you or email for more information on one-to-one or corporate training. 

XX Manal
Our client of the Month - Helen!!
What do a star, a sunrise and a big burpee have in common? Well it’s early morning sessions with Manal at the beautiful Robson Park which accommodates us under the lamp. After conquering the ‘getting up early‘ challenge for a year, I'm now usually happy to face a few upper cuts, mountain climbers or some strange sort of move to the rhythm and sound of Nutbush City Limits -  however,  I confess  that hearing "Ok, run to the bus stop" is never completely music to my ears. Having said that, these days I can actually now run for a bus when I have to……
So lots of good exercise yes, but it’s been a bit more for me this past year since I started with Manal. As we go through our moves, deploying some mindfulness as the sun rises over the water drying the dew, noting the early morning rowers and runners on the Bay and the roses and flowers as we run to the bus stop – (but, ahem, without stopping to smell them of course), altogether has meant an increasing sense of well-being, much better quality sleep as well the appearance of some previously submerged muscle shape here and there.  But most importantly though, getting to know and enjoy some great fitness friends to boot. 
Thank you to Manal for your planned and thought out programs and then managing to keep us on track! I admit December break was a smidge off point, so February Challenge here we come!

The February Challenge

Yes!! In a few days we start again.  We had 3 Challenges last year - February, June and September. Last February was a great success.  Why?  I think because after Christmas, holidays, parties and festivities we are ready to hit the new year running.
So how does it work? Jump on to the facebook Challenge page and register.  It's free and fun.  Simply we support each other through a month of:
*zero sugar
*zero alcohol
*daily workouts (which we will also do in the group sessions)

As a bonus I have extended the Friday morning session to 75 minutes (commencing 5:45am) but no fear, those who can't get there till 6am will still benefit from a full hour session.
The benefit of the online group is the advantage of discussing recipes, coordinating training and generally not doing this alone.  More detail on the page found here.

Emma's Hawaiian Marathon

My third marathon came about by chance and opportunity...a family trip was booked to Maui and I saw there was a in summer heat and during the holiday season wasn't my greatest idea and it meant missing social events and being extra disciplined with my training and nutrition. As my kilometres increased I tried to maintain as much strength training as possible but it. Evange challenging to juggle life, work, Christmas, family and my training...the night before the race wasn't ideal, a Luau feast on the beach with the sunset was great but not the best marathon prep!!! I laid out my kit, gels, breaksfast, my bib, shoes and clothing and all my supplements.
2 am alarm clock, 2.50 am taxicab to the bus stop and 3.15 am huge yellow school buses collected around 80 runners to drive to the start line. At the start there was a very spiritual Hawaiian blessing and we gathered to hold hands and stand united to face the challenge ahead. It was dark and about 400 runners crossed the start I realised I hadn't warmed up as I spent the whole time on the toilet line...too much water! I never look at a course map....I figure ignorance is bliss!!! It was pitch black at parts of the race at the start and we were running against the oncoming head torch was my friend but also worst times or was heavy and awkward...the dark made it lonely at parts and a little eerie....I had to visualise how those amazing vision impaired runners would manage...and I dug deep....I knew I had hills ahead so held back on my pace ensuring I would have some energy towards the last ten kms of the race. Additionally we had to run on the actual beach at about the 10 km mark on the soft sand and so I had to put plastic bags over my shoes and I tied them in place with rubber bands and ran on the soft sand! Whilst the beach was ONLY lit by Tiki torches! It was amazing!!! A surreal experience!
Emma continued...
 The sun started to rise around the 15 km mark and I knew the hills were coming and the heat...I somehow felt stronger and the runners high kicked in around the half marathon mark I was exhilarated! The sky the mountains and the sea! Everywhere I turned was stunning scenery! Of course I took many pictures along the way and some video too....I felt invincible around the 28 kms mark but by the time I got the 33 km mark I was so so so happy to see my family! I ran up to my twins hubby and nephew and embraced them! They were cheering me on for the next four kilometres....helping me to push and increase my pace for those last ten kms! I got the last drinks and aid station and was completely soaked by the hose and drank and danced hip hop with the s my this time it was around 27 degrees and I was hot! The last mile I decided t was ti to put on the gas and push hard! Start strong and finish stronger and never give up! I did it! I complete the race in 4.22 and came 11th in my age group and made the top 50 females...but the most important thing I learnt was that I can really quite simply do anything I set myself to do....I had so much fun running this marathon and it reminded me of the joy I get when I run! Never giving up and chasing my dreams! I've already decided Im going for a PB for my fourth one in Gold Coast in July!
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