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December News

As the year winds up I'd like to thank my AMAZING clients for turning up, training hard and having a ball!!  So many new and existing friendships made whilst punching, kicking, running and burping.
Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

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Check out our  2017 Timetable to find a group session that works for you or email for more information on one-to-one or corporate training. 

XX Manal
Christine's story
As a kid and teenager I used to love sport and was in every school team and club - netball, hockey, tennis - you name it -  I was fit, lean and healthy.  But then I went to uni……...
Years of junk food, beer and bad habits passed by, but unfortunately the kilos stayed put. And even when I did eventually settle down a bit, the kids came along and they were big babies, which played havoc with certain parts - some never to retain their former glory. I was overweight, out of shape and something had to give - and I didn’t want it to be my pelvic floor.
I joined a gym, lost interest, took up cycling and then tried netball again, where I  generally lolled around the court trying to be helpful. But nothing much was really working.
Fast forward to a hungover Sunday arvo when I awoke to find a voucher for Manal Garcia Fitness Training in my hot little hand. I don’t actually recall bidding at the silent auction at the cricket club fundraiser the night before, but I knew this was a catalyst for change.
Manal -  it’s been a year now and I absolutely love coming to your fitness sessions. You have re-ignited my joy for sport and movement (not burpees).  I feel energised, stronger, healthier. The camaraderie and support of the group is fantastic - even the Carole King singing is ok.  We have great times together and you make me reach for the stars, as well as those 5kg weights. THANK YOU for getting me back on track !
p.s. And I score the goals at netball now xxxxxxx

Haloumi and Silverbeet 'Gozleme'

Seriously easy and delicious summer meal.  A healthier take on Turkish gozlemes, and ready in under 20 mins - one of my favourite dishes at the moment.  It's even a success in school lunches!
You'll need:

olive oil
sea salt and pepper
haloumi cheese
spring onion
almond flakes
greek pita bread

1. Toast almonds
Preheat the oven to 170C. Line an oven tray with baking paper. Put the almonds in a cold large frypan over medium heat. Toast, shaking the pan regularly, for 3-4 mins until light golden. Transfer to a bowl to cool.

2. Make filling
Thinly slice the spring onion and silverbeet, including the stems, and put in a large bowl. Finely grate the haloumi and add to the bowl. Pick the mint leaves, discarding the stems, and coarsely chop. Add the mint and egg to the bowl, season with salt and pepper and mix until well combined.

3. Fill gozleme
Lay pita breads on a work surface. Divide the silverbeet mixture among the pita, placing it on one half of each pita only, add almonds. Fold over to enclose.

4. Cook gozleme
Heat 2 tsp oil in a large frypan over medium heat. Cook two gozleme in the pan for 2 mins, pressing down with a spatula. Carefully turn over and cook for a further 2 mins or until golden. Transfer to the oven tray and place in the oven for 5 mins to keep gozleme warm. Meanwhile, repeat with another 2 tsp oil and the remaining gozleme.
Cut the gozleme into pieces and serve with rocket salad and lemon wedges.      

Your Holiday Workout

No excuses whilst you are away!!  This simple workout will keep the heart pumping.  Make it longer by adding 30 seconds of skipping / shuttle runs / high knees in between each exercise and / or repeat the entire circuit 2,3 or 4 times. Make it easier and shorter by completing Part A only and using lower intensity options. Alternatively, use a timer and try to better your time for completing both parts A & B each time you do this workout.   The choice is yours.  Always start with an adequate warm up and dynamic stretches.

Part A
10 sit ups
20 push ups
30 squat jumps or burpees
40 mountain climbers
50 dips

Part B
10 dips
20 mountain climbers
30 squat jumps or burpees
40 push ups
50 sit ups

All exercises can be performed at either a lower or higher intensity depending on your fitness level and abilities.  If unsure, send me a message.  Have fun and good luck!! 

Recovery and sleep

With the new year on its way,  it's time to form some better habits. Enough sleep and adequate rest days within the training week are vital.

Did you know a lack of sleep can affect diet and eating habits? Sleep loss has been found to interfere with hunger hormones increasing appetite during the day and bringing on cravings.

So how much sleep do we need? A child needs more sleep than an adult because they are growing.  Adults require around 8 hours per night.

When training regularly it is important to get enough sleep and also factor in rest days so that the body can recover and is ready for the next session. While many advocate two days between workouts involving the same muscle group, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for recovery time. Factors like age and fitness level are important in determining how much rest we really need. If performance is decreasing from workout to workout, it might be time to schedule in a few extra rest days. 

A rest day can however be an "active" rest day.  Going for a walk or a swim when the muscles are sore from exercise will help to loosen up and also help with circulation, speeding up recovery.

Some other tips for recovery include : drinking lots of water, foam rolling, wearing compression garments, taking a cold bath, taking anti- inflammatories if required (try tumeric & garlic as natural options) and consuming protein before bed.

So rest well, recover well and hopefully you'll be able to give your workouts 100%
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