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November News

What a fun month we've had! Our end of year celebration at the Royal Hotel in Leichhardt was a huge success.  Thank you to all who attended.  Read our party wrap up below.  Our client of the month is the gorgeous Liliana.  She's trained with us since 2006. Her training journey involves walking, running, stair climbing and a half marathon!! You'll love her story, read on.  PT and group client Isabel also smashed out her first ever road race, a 5km Parkrun at Rhodes, so proud!! This month we also welcome Allegra and Annette. Hope you both enjoy training with us.
Christmas is soon approaching, so if you are stuck for a gift idea let me design a gift voucher for you - Group, Personal Training or a combination of both! 
So much to read, Enjoy!!

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Liliana's Story 
My name is Liliana and my training journey with Manal started in December 2006, almost 11 years ago!  
Over the years I’ve tried lots of different types of training, everything from walking the dog, group gym training, yoga, Zumba, Pilates and simply walking around the park.  Mostly I’d get bored, but sadly there were times injury got in the way too.
Then in September 2006 I went on an amazing overseas trip.  The only problem was I jumped up 2 dress sizes.  So after I got back from overseas I started walking around the park again, and it was there I spotted a poster at Enfield Pool advertising a boot camp class that started at 5.45am.  Oh my goodness!  I had never gotten up so early in the morning to do any type of exercise, but I was so concerned about my weight I couldn’t bear it any longer.  
A few days later I woke up at 5.30am, hauled myself out of bed, threw on my gym gear and went to the pool to enroll and start my first class.  There was Manal, welcoming me with her sparkling smile and boundless enthusiasm.    Whilst my first session was punishing, I couldn’t help but go back for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th session, and so on.  
In fact it was at that first session I also met Elfie.  We were a similar age and similar fitness level so we urged each other on and as the weeks passed our fitness slowly improved.  Manal convinced us to start running.  I have to admit I was very skeptical!  I had never been able to run before so I didn’t really believe I could.  But as Manal urged us on, week by week, we ran for longer periods and built up our strength and fitness.  
I started to feel great as the endorphins kicked in.  I could hardly believe it.  I was losing weight, feeling positive, strong, my energy levels increased, and all those things motivated me to keep going.   After more encouragement from Manal, and a whole lot more training, I ran in the City2Surf in 2008.  Wow, it felt amazing.  Just the fact I managed to finish the race!  It was awesome.  Then I did the Bridge Run in 2009, the Sydney Tower Run Up in 2010 and another Bridge Run in 2010.  Then to cap it off I did a Half Marathon as well which was something I didn’t think I’d ever accomplish.  It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, there were injuries along the way.  But there was Manal to prop me up, encourage me to keep going, modifying exercises so I could participate.  Manal never gave up on me and kept me going.
Then from about 2011 to 2014 there was a major hiccup, with a long break from training due to a combination of personal and family illness. It was a tough time.   After my father passed away though, I was desperate to get back to training, so in the latter part of 2014 I did just that.  Gosh it was hard starting back again.   I had put on so much weight, felt sluggish and unfit, and I seemed to be struggling with everything.  Thank goodness for Manal!  She was so encouraging.   So my training journey started again despite the ups and downs.  
So why have I been training with Manal for so long, you’re probably asking?    I guess it’s because I’ve never met another trainer like her.  Every training program she designs is different, never boring, modified to suit every fitness level, with an enthusiasm that’s completely infectious.  Smiling always!  From the bottom of my heart Manal, thankyou!!!

End of Year Party!!
On Friday 24th November we celebrated another year of training together, laughing and sweating it out!!  Our evening was spent at the Royal Hotel in Leichhardt and was fabulous!!! . Thank you to everyone who could make it.  It was such a treat to see everyone glammed up and mixing on another level.  I look forward to more laughter, more fun and many more achievements in 2018.
Manal xx

Isabel's first ever race!!

For Isabel 2017 started with a list of to do's.  The usual, get fitter, loose weight.  After having 2 babies close in age, the reality of being a busy young mum meant these goals were more than enough to tackle.  However training twice a week (one PT and one Group session), Isabel lost 15kg's and soon shifted her goals.  She decided she wanted to run a race by the end of the year.  We started training on the bay and set a challenge of a 5km Parkrun. Saturday 11th November we ran the race together.  Isabel was understandably nervous but took on the Challenge with her support crew of husband Chris and 2 boys Benji and Raph cheering her on. Pacing and encouraging Isabel all the way she made me the proudest trainer crossing the finish line straight into the arms of her family.  What an example she has set for her kids!!  In true Parkrun fashion she received the following email later that day : 

" Congratulations on completing your 1st parkrun and your 1st at Rhodes parkrun today. You finished in 139th place and were the 42nd female out of a field of 215 parkrunners and you came 7th in your age category SW25-29.  Well done on your first parkrun. We have set this as your PB."

Well done Isabel.  I know this is just the beginning and I have a world of respect for you and your efforts - Manal xx

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