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March News

March madness!! After the success of the February Challenge we have continued our dedication to healthier lifestyles by limiting sugar and alcohol.  Read how the Challenge changed so many of us (including me!) and opened our eyes to how to make better choices whilst still enjoying the occasional treat.

We also congratulate Manal Garcia Fitness Ambassador, Enrique Suana
on his outright WIN March 19 at the Kuringgai Chase 10km Fun Run. 
He proudly wore his singlet and achieved a goal he'd only dreamed of.  
Very proud of you Enrique!

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XX Manal


February Challenge wrap up!

In February we collectively cut down on sugar and alcohol and threw in extra at home workouts, completed a weekly food diary and attended the extra Monday 5.45am class . 
All the participants literally melted before our eyes!!

Here's what some of the participants had to say:

Siobhan: "Some simple changes have made a big difference"

Leigh: "Quitting sugar is worth the results"

Carolyn: "Easier than I thought, especially with the support of Manal and all our February Challenge participants.  Feeling great"

Noella:  "it's been really motivating to do it as a group...everyone has benefited"

Heidi: "the alcohol has been the most drastic change"

Some results:

Not only did the participants lose centimetres and kilo's, they gained knowledge of just how minor changes (even if there was a day off here and there) significantly made a difference. Skin clarity changed, we got over the "afternoon slump" and more so our taste buds changed. Food tasted different, better. Extra workouts helped tone and tighten. Generally everyone was happier!

Carolyn lost 4kg
Jasmin lost a total of 13cm's around her body
Christine F lost 4kg
Noella lost 2.5kg's and 14cm's off her body
Enrique lost over 5kg's since the start of the year but attributed the Challenge to those stubborn last few.

So many more success stories and we are still going. I'm so proud of everyone involved.  We will be repeating our challenge in Winter so stay tuned!


Client Profile - Isabel

"Where do I start…
About 7 years ago a friend recommended Manal to me after I said I was interested in training. I went and met Manal and immediately grew a great connection with her.  I then (stupidly) decided to do 2 PT sessions a week with her.
I always looked forward to my sessions, where we not only trained but also chatted (about boys) and giggled (and tried to count from 1-10 without getting confused).

After training for a couple of years, I had a break, moved house, changed job and met a nice guy. We ended up getting married (and pregnant) and had beautiful baby boy. I came back to Manal briefly before finding out I was pregnant again!

Now I have two crazy boys and I have again committed to two training sessions a week.
After my first pregnancy I had no energy and was so unfit. After my second pregnancy I feel as if I’m back to pre pregnancy fitness and nearly body.

Not only are Manals sessions great for my body they are great for my mind too. I get time out to do my thing and love how great I feel after I’ve just smashed out a great workout.
I didn’t think it was possible to sweat and laugh as much as I do in an hour. But it is!
Thanks Manal – you’ve changed my life. And thank you for loving my boys as much as you do!
Isabel xxx"

Achilles Running Club Sydney

A good friend of Manal Garcia Fitness, Stephen Green has successfully qualified for the 2017 Boston Marathon. About six years ago, Stephen contracted Meige syndrome, a rare neurological movement disorder that affects the eye, face and neck muscles.

This has not stopped Stephen running with the assistance of a guide from Achilles Running Club Sydney. Achilles specialises in helping people with disabilities, particularly vision impairment take part in running events locally and Internationally.

Stephen and his guide (and Manal Garcia Fitness Ambassador) Enrique need your help!

Donations made will go towards helping cover the costs associated with this feat.
Any surplus funds will go towards other vision impaired runners to help them achieve their goals.

Your kind contribution and assistance is greatly appreciated!

You can make your tax deductible donation here
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