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Issue #10
Friday 12th May 2017

Welcome to Badge News from We Are Open Co-op! Our bi-weekly newsletter keeps the Open Badges community informed of what's going on, in-and-around the ecosystem.

This issue's featured article has been chosen by Credly. Click through to read how they are partnering with Digitalme to expand their impact in Europe.

Credly partners with UK-based Digitalme for International Expansion

Credly and Digitalme announced a partnership to expand the use of digital credentials to recognize skills and talents in the EU. The partnership reflects an evolution in the way achievement is recorded online, empowering individuals to advocate and differentiate themselves with verified, digital evidence – while enabling organizations to find individuals with the right skills to meet their business needs.

Latest news

Association Education Climbs on the Digital Badge-Wagon

Association Education Climbs on the Digital Badge-Wagon

Tracy Petrillo, Chief Learning Officer at EDUCAUSE is interviewed in this piece for MeetingsNet. In it, she talks about the benefits and drawbacks of badging initiatives, finishing with saying how it's "exciting, but it’s scary, because it’s no longer a static learning system".

Teachers sign on for tech training with an old-school twist

Teachers sign on for tech training with an old-school twist

The move from 'seat time' to a proficiency-based approach based on badges for teacher professional development is a growing field. This article gives details of one such project.

Also see this related article in Education Dive as well as this one in Education Week.

What's the future of the Open Badges community?

What's the future of the Open Badges community?

Earlier this week, the Open Recognition Alliance community call hosted Jeff Bohrer from IMS Global Learning Consortium, stewards of the Open Badges standard since January 2017. 

Click here for a record of the meeting

Where Open Badges Appear to Work Better

Where Open Badges Appear to Work Better

Dan Hickey has announced the final report of the Design Principles Documentation (DPD) project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation. The DPD project attempted to capture the 'practical wisdom' that emerged across 30 badge systems.

The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training

The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training

The Pew Research Center outlines five major themes around the future of jobs training, one of which is around new credentialing system. This lengthy piece also situates badges within wider changes happening within the employment and training landscape.


Making sense of cybersecurity qualifications

Making sense of cybersecurity qualifications

If there's one field that's fast moving, it's 'cyber'. This article talks about validity and authenticity in digital credentials such as Open Badges, citing the work of the Lumina Foundation's Connecting Credentials initiative.

Digital Badge Reward Experience - Mobile TV

Digital Badge Reward Experience - Mobile TV

This short YouTube video from Aurora Public Schools explains how badges has transformed the way that one business has gone about hiring and recognising training and development in their organisation. 

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New to Open Badges?

Check out the (free!) self-paced BADGE BOOTCAMP email course. Over the course of a few days you can learn how to create your own digital credential.

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Innovative uses of badges

Information Literacy Badges at Penn State University

Penn State have been experimenting with badges for a while, but this academic year they have gone into more depth with their Open Badges program in the library. Focusing on information literacy, this video along with an accompanying one-pager explains their system.

Students earn a series of smaller badges, which roll up into 'meta-level' badges, and finally into the 'uber badge'. The results have shown an increase in exactly the kinds of knowledge, skills, and behaviours the library staff were hoping for.

Click here to find out more

Recent academic articles

  • Brown, D., & Rhodes, D. E. (2017). Show what you know. Phi Delta Kappan98(8), 38-42.
  • Coleman, J. D. (2017). Engaging undergraduate students in a co-curricular digital badging platform. Education and Information Technologies, 1-14.
  • Lindstrom, G., & Dyjur, P. (2017). From Student to Instructor: Reflections on Receiving and Issuing Digital Badges for Educational Development. Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal9(3).
  • Rohan, A. J., Fullerton, J., Escallier, L. A., & Pati, S. (2017). Creating a Novel Online Digital Badge-Awarding Program in Patient Navigation to Address Healthcare Access. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development33(3), 106-112.

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