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Issue #34
Friday 26th October 2018

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Latest news


Case Study - EHYT Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention

In an upcoming webinar, Mika Piipponen from EHYT will present on how they are using Open Badges in volunteer work and educational activities. He will discuss the role of Open Badges in developing their educator network, how they plan to use badges in the activities of Vahvistamo (Center of Expertise for youth), and the challenges and possibilities that have arisen from their use of badges.
The webinar will air on Tuesday, Nov. 13th. Further details available here.

This article was contributed by Open Badge Factory
Mind the Gap

Recruiting to Retention: The Emerging Role of Digital Credentials in the World of Work

In an era where the number of jobs that require a degree is growing -- but just a fraction of adults ever complete college -- employers are learning that their hiring practices may actually exacerbate the very skills gaps they were designed to alleviate.
Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash

This article was contributed by Credly

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Reimagining the Higher Education Ecosystem

Winners of the #edu2030 Higher Education Ecosystem Challenge

The US Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology has announced the winners of the #edu2030 Higher Education Ecosystem Challenge. Winners include Concentric Sky and partners for EdRec: Next Gen by Design, which aims to build a blockchain-powered open competency marketplace that solves the scalability problems associated with ePortfolios... "Your permanent educational record has never been truly yours. Wouldn't you want to control it, control access as you progress from one transition to the next, and optimize it for your desired success? Three leading entities are aligning resources and a growing collaboration to enable a student-governed educational record."

This article refers to Concentric Sky


Open Badges 2.0 workflow

Open Badges and IP: Credly Patents for Generation, Management, and Tracking of Digital Credentials

This post by Kerri Lemoie provided a primer for a discussion on the patents granted for digital credentials, assigned to Credly upon their acquisition of Pearson's Acclaim platform. She discusses the history of the Open Badges specification and movement and provides information that fed into a call hosted by the Open Recognition Alliance (ORA) on October 10th. The ORA call provided an opportunity to find out more about the patents, how they would align with required elements of the Open Badge specification and possible implications for the ecosystem.

Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

This knowledge base for Open Badges and digital credentials is growing every week! Many thanks to those who continue to add information and resources to provide a community knowledge base.

Join the Loomio group to receive updates and to get involved with the its development!

ePIC header

#ePIC 2018 Paris 22–28 October. #openRecognition #openBadges

In this post, Juan José Calderón Amador, pulls together tweets and information from the 16th International Conference on Recognition, Trust, Identity and their technologies — Open Badges, ePortfolios, Social Networks and Blockchains. The conference is taking place October 22nd - 28th in Paris, France.

Our manifesto: The Connect image

Southern New Hampshire University and LRNG Merge to Deploy Innovative Community-Based Education Strategy in Cities Across the U.S.

LRNG, which developed Cities of Learning in the U.S. using an Open Badges playlists approach, is merging with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to build a learning and workforce solution for cities and employers across the U.S. This model is designed to address workforce needs and increase access to learning pathways for middle school-aged students through working adults at little-to-no cost using an urban eco-system approach that focuses on low-income populations.

The Confidence Gap

The Confidence Gap

Skills gaps, hiring practices and pathways are referred to in this issue of Badge News. This image by Bryan Mathers was inspired by a Digital Leaders conference where he took part in a discussion about young people and Digital Skills. "As you might expect, there was lots of talk about “the skills gap”, which is already here (check out programmers salaries in London) and predicted to result in many thousands of unfilled jobs. In my experience, the mini-journeys that people undertake have more do to with their confidence. In particular, I’m thinking of young people leaving school blind to the world of opportunity out there or their place in it, but clutching a grades slip which essentially reads “not good enough”. The biggest travesty of all is that most believe it…"

Available to use under license CC BY-ND 4.0.

You can find more of Bryan's illustrations on Badge Wiki.

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Recent academic articles

  • Hensiek, S. (2018). Digital Badges and Student Motivation in the Undergraduate General Chemistry Laboratory. (Link)
  • Higashi, R. (2018). The effect of perceived relevance of digital badges on student engagement (Doctoral dissertation, University of Pittsburgh). (Link)
  • Hurrell, C., Pival, P., & Ruddock, K. (2018). Open Badges for demonstrating Open Access compliance: A pilot project. (Link)
  • Kelsey O'Brien, Trudi E. Jacobson. (2018) Teaching with Digital Badges: Best Practices for Libraries. Innovations in Information Literacy, Rowman & Littlefield, 2018. (Link)
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Upcoming events, webinars, and community calls

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Interesting discussions within the Open Badges community

  • Kerri Lemoie posts an update on the Open Recognition Alliance (ORA) call to discuss the patents granted for digital credentials, that have been assigned to Credly.
  • There have been updates to a discussion started by Karen Jeffrey on evidence, baked badges and Badge Connect. Ideas and issues that could be addressed are raised.
  • Cara Jenkins issues a call for participation at the annual Digital Credentials Summit hosted by IMS Global Learning Consortium, 5-6 February 2019, in Tempe, Arizona..

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