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Issue #30
Friday 29th June 2018

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Latest news

Image of BadgeRank

Concentric Sky Announces BadgeRank - a New Search Engine for Digital Badges

In this article, Wayne Skipper, Founder and CEO, of Concentric Sky discusses the free, public search engine for digital badges Concentric Sky have created called BadgeRank. He comments: “Using Open Badges, innovators from around the world have worked side-by-side to create a new ecosystem of micro-credentials. BadgeRank now makes that ecosystem searchable.” BadgeRank offers a simple, user-friendly interface that allows anyone to explore the digital badges published by Open Badges compliant systems around the world.

This article was contributed by Badgr

Image of high-rise buildings

World Education Services Pilots Blockchain-Based Digital Badges for Internationally Educated Students and Professionals

World Education Services (WES) has announced plans to offer blockchain-based digital badges to qualified WES clients.  WES is issuing the first set of digital badges to a limited number of clients as part of a small pilot program. The goal of the pilot is to better understand the needs of badge holders, employers, admissions personnel, and others. WES will make badges available to a broader set of clients after completion of the pilot.

Photo by Alex wong on Unsplash

This article was contributed by Credly

Medical equipment and laptop

OBF Case - BMI Healthcare: Using Open Badges for Internal Skills Directory

This webinar recording from the 25th June, is an Open Badge Factory customer case study, presented by Ian Gardner from BMI Healthcare. Ian presents how BMI Healthcare tries to expose internal expertise via an Open Badge directory. The project has started to develop a better understanding of expertise and ending silos between teams and locations.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

This article was contributed by Open Badge Factory


Image of university disciplines in icon form

Micro-Credentials as Evidence of College Readiness

This report from the University of Michigan School of Information, shares outcomes from a workshop exploring the use of digital badges in the college admission process. The workshop aimed to answer the following questions:

  • Can micro-credentials serve as valid and reliable evidence of prior learning and future potential?
  • What “gap” in current admissions practices can be filled by micro-credentials?
  • What is required for micro-credentials to be useful for college admission?
Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

This knowledge base for Open Badges and digital credentials is growing every week! Many thanks to those who continue to add information and resources to provide a community knowledge base.

Join the Loomio group to receive updates and to get involved with the its development!

Image of SSSC badges

New Open Badges: Health and Social Care Standards

The Scottish Social Services Council have created badges to support the new Health and Social Care Standards. The Standards set out what should be expected when using health, social care or social work services in Scotland. The badges help practitioners get to know the new standards and to consider what they mean for their practice.

Photo of Anne Reed

2018 Badge Summit Preview | Interview with Anne Reed, University of Buffalo’s Director of Micro-Credentials and Digital Badges

Noah Giesel interviews Anne Reed, Director of Micro-Credentials and Digital Badges at the University of Buffalo, in this blog post. Reed discusses how she is leading efforts at University of Buffalo to take Digital Badge Credentials institution-wide, how she communicates the message and how the university has supported uptake.

Image of sparks

Sparks of Openness

Bryan Mather's latest visual thinkery, visualises an overarching theme that has informed this issue of Badge News - Sparks of Openness provided through case studies on various uses of badges, how to support uptake, and discovery of badges.

Available to use under license CC BY-ND 4.0.

You can find more of Bryan's illustrations on Badge Wiki.

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Recent academic articles

  • de Villiers, Alethea. (2018). Digital badges and lifelong learning: the context of music. In Proceedings of ISME pre-conference seminar Policy and the arts: a lifelong pursuit. (Link)
  • Demertzi, E., Voukelatos, N., Papagerasimou, Y., & Drigas, A. S. (2018). Online Learning Facilities to Support Coding and Robotics Courses for Youth. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 8(3), 69-80. (Link)
  • Gräther, W., Kolvenbach, S., Ruland, R., Schütte, J., Torres, C., & Wendland, F. (2018). Blockchain for Education: Lifelong Learning Passport. In Proceedings of 1st ERCIM Blockchain Workshop 2018. European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET). (Link)
  • Home, M. W. (2018). What are your credentials? Museums, education, and digital badging. (Link)
  • Kolvenbach, S., Ruland, R., Gräther, W., & Prinz, W. (2018). Blockchain 4 Education. In Proceedings of 16th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work-Panels, Posters and Demos. European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET). (Link)
  • Rashid, U., Third, A., & Domingue, J. (2018). Web Service for Semantic Negotiation of Smart Contracts. (Link)
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Interesting discussions within the Open Badges community

  • Kerri Lemoie asks if any badge displayers, backpacks, consumption apps, etc… authenticate recipients using twitter (vs email).
  • Joanne Kehoe asked for case studies of use of Open Badges by public libraries, which resulted in a number of examples being offered.

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