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Issue #32
Friday 31st August 2018

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Latest news

Image of Mozilla backpack

An Update on Badges and Backpack

Mark Surman, Executive Director of Mozilla, shares an update on Open Badges and reveals that Mozilla will be retiring the Mozilla Backpack and helping users migrate to Concentric Sky’s free and open Badgr platform. Mark reflects on why the Open Badges standard was created, what has been achieved and why Mozilla will step out of the role of direct service provider. He comments that Concentric Sky will continue to innovate around federation in their Badgr platform, helping the whole badges infrastructure to evolve.

This article was contributed by Badgr
Image of stamp

Building Badge Value with Endorsement

This article introduces Open Badge Factory’s implementation of Endorsement. This feature promises to resolve recurring questions about the “credibility of badges” by providing third party validation that can be formal (like accreditation) or informal (“fits our purpose”). Endorsement can also strengthen collaboration, increase portability and encourage the development of meaningful badge ecosystems. The article includes case studies and how endorsement can be mixed with other features, to create the "secret sauce" of recognition.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
This article was contributed by Open Badge Factory
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Badges and career guidance interface

Community College Students and Marketability

With the demand for community college on the rise, it’s no surprise that improving outcomes (getting a job or re-skilling for a promotion), for students is a top priority. Labor market insights associated at both a badge level and skill level can help students navigate the job market and explore open job opportunities in their communities and beyond.

This article was contributed by Credly


Woman on phone

NZ Formally Recognises Micro-credentials

New Zealand will become one of the first countries to benchmark micro-credentials against its qualifications framework. “We’re seeing changing expectations from employers and learners around the nature of qualifications,” said Grant Klinkum, of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

“We think over time, there will be more demand for shorter, sharper units of learning, particularly as people change career more and stay in the workforce for longer.”

Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

This knowledge base for Open Badges and digital credentials is growing every week! Many thanks to those who continue to add information and resources to provide a community knowledge base.

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Logo for Web of Trust

Open Badges are Verifiable Credentials. A White Paper from Rebooting the Web of Trust VI

This white paper written by Nate Otto (Concentric Sky) and Kim Hamilton Duffy (Learning Machine), identifies use cases and requirements that connect threads of work happening in the Rebooting Web of Trust community around: eduational achievement claims (particularly using the Open Badges vocabulary); use of Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs) within web services where eduational claims circulate; and integrating blockchain-reliant verification layers.

Screengrab of process

Sending My First Webmention Badge

Greg McVerry from Southern Connecticut State University, discusses a proof-of-concept process he is testing, for using webmentions as a simple path to badging. He believes there is potential to use this to create an assessment system for distibuted classes.

The post features a screencast and sample code that he has used to develop the concept.

We Shape Our Tools

We Shape Our Tools

With the news that the Mozilla backpack is moving, to be hosted by Concentric Sky, Bryan Mathers' latest visual thinkery invites us to reflect on how we shape our tools and how they shape us.

Available to use under license CC BY-ND 4.0.

You can find more of Bryan's illustrations on Badge Wiki.

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Recent academic articles

  • Button, D., & Garnett, T. (2018). The Use of Digital Badges in Undergraduate Nursing Education: A Case Study. (Link)
  • Childs, B. (2018). Student Voice and Linguistic Identity: Digital Badging as a Tool for Retention of First Year and First Generation Undergraduates. Journal of English Linguistics, 46(3), 186-198. (Link)
  • Cooper, A. (2018). Micro-credentials for intrinsic motivation. Minnesota eLearning Summit. (Link)
  • Do, L. N. Q., & Bodden, E. (2018). Gamifying Static Analysis. Analysis, 1(2), 3. (Link)
  • Forsberg, J. P. (2018). Gamification in education–utilization in teaching of languages. (Link)
  • Platz, M., & Herselman, M. (2018). Developing an accreditation system to recognize competence in mathematics education students in Germany. In 2018 IST-Africa Week Conference (IST-Africa). IEEE. (Link)
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Interesting discussions within the Open Badges community

  • Amaury Van Espen is looking for a docker demo of OpenBadges 2.0.
  • Greg McVerry provides an update on his webmentions badges project (original article is featured above).
  • Kim Hamilton Duffy has been attempting to validate Blockcerts Open Badge v2 extensions and asks if anyone else has run into an issue trying to validate an Open Badge v2 with extensions using the validator.

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