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Issue #16
Friday 1st September 2017

Welcome to Badge News from We Are Open Co-op! Our bi-weekly newsletter keeps the Open Badges community informed of what's going on, in-and-around the ecosystem.

We're delighted to be able to share with you the results of the 2017 Summer Survey. Thank you to those who took the time to complete it! One of the things that's worth emphasising is that this newsletter is for the community and, ideally, by the community. So if you've got something to share, please do let us know about it!

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This issue's featured article has been chosen by Credly. Click through to read about how they partnered with STEMconnector to bring digital badges to K-12 and collegiate students who complete challenges for the Day of Design in October.

STEMconnector Adds Credly Badges to Day of Design Competition

STEMconnector is a US consortium of companies, associations, government entities, and academic institutions focused on advancing STEM education. A quotation from the article:

"In order to prepare today's generation for the careers of tomorrow, we need to start building a foundation of design thinking that empowers students to craft innovative solutions to the world's most complex challenges," said Leslie Cruz, CEO of STEMconnector, in a prepared statement."

Latest news

Backpack — I Choose You!

Backpack — I Choose You!

This update by Matt Rogers explains the current work being done on the Open Badges backpack, ending with a call to action for the community to come together to help steward it in future.

How digital badges are shaking up teacher PD

How digital badges are shaking up teacher PD

This article explores ways in which badges are being used to move to more of a competency-based approach in US teacher development programs.

More details on Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

We had a great time at the August barn raising last week. Read all about it here!

Join the discussion group to find out more about Badge Wiki.

Recommendation to the European Commission on the use of Open Badges to revise the Europass CV — and other Europass documents

Recommendation to the European Commission on the use of Open Badges to revise the Europass CV

The Open Recognition Alliance are putting together a proposal for the European Commission to use badges for Europass, which has generated almost 100 million CVs since 2005.

Bias in Open Science Advocacy: The Case of Article Badges for Data Sharing

Bias in Open Science Advocacy: The Case of Article Badges for Data Sharing

This article looks at the claims and possible side-effects of using badges to encourage 'open science'. The author, Hilda Bastian, explores five such claims, problematising them and suggesting alternative ways forward.

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Innovative uses of badges

Case study: The Future-Ready Teachers Badge Group

Competency-based teacher professional development allows for learning pathways to be traversed at times that suit individuals:

"The Future-Ready Teachers badge group is based on all the concepts we’ve come to associate with future readiness, including personalized learning, digital citizenship, and data literacy. We’ll review the submitted evidence and take care of issuing the badges; no need for you to do anything but learn, grow, and build your online portfolio.”

Click here to find out more

Recent academic articles

  • Reeves, T. D., Tawfik, A. A., Msilu, F., & Simsek, I. (2017). What's in It for Me? Incentives, Learning, and Completion in Massive Open Online Courses. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 1-15.
  • Rigole, N., Hollingsworth, L., & Ray, J. (2017). Badges and Gamification In eLearning: Effects on Achievement And Engagement. (Link)
  • Robles, M. C., Thrash, M., Walker, C., & Brush, K. M. (2017). NASA STEM Digital Badges for Educators and Their Students: A Pilot Program Bringing STEM into Middle Schools using NASA Langley Research Center’s Centennial Celebration. Journal of Interdisciplinary Teacher Leadership, 1(3). (Link)

Did we miss one? Incorrectly cite something? Send in a correction! Note that if an article listed above does not feature a link, this is because it is not available on the open web. You may be able to get access to it via your local library.

Upcoming events, webinars, and community calls

  • 20th September (Online) — Badge Wiki barn raising — a session being run by We Are Open Co-op.
  • 25th-27th October (Bologna, Italy) — ePIC 2017 — a conference organised by Serge Ravet and associates.
  • Ongoing (Online) — Gamify your Canvas Course with Badgr Open Badges — a course being run by Concentric Sky.

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