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Issue #37
Friday 25th January 2019

Exciting News! From next month, we're going to be renaming this newsletter to The Learning Fractal. We have decided to widen the focus for the newsletter, so as well as news about the latest developments in badges and microcredentials, from next month you can expect updates such as: 

  • Creativity in learning
  • Learning pathways
  • New frontiers in educational technology
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Latest news

New Year - slightly new Open Badge Factory

Discendum Ltd. has founded a new company called Open Badge Factory Ltd. to focus more intensively on the development and growth of their international Open Badge business. Open Badge Factory’s activities as a company will officially start on the 1st of February and new experts and partners will be joining the OBF team.

Strategic developments will include a search engine and further development of OBF's collaboration and networking tools, which give customers the possibility to partner up, to endorse other organisations and badges and to share badges and badge templates.

This article was contributed by Open Badge Factory

CompTIA introduces digital badges for certification holders

CompTIA empowers its certified professionals to advance their careers with portable, shareable, data-rich evidence of their skills.

Randy Gross, CompTIA CIO, said "By providing a secure, digital representation of CompTIA certifications, our certified IT professionals can more easily manage, share and verify their credentials within their networks, across their social platforms and on their résumés... For employers, digital badging makes it easy to find and verify people with the specific skills they are looking for,

This article was shared by Credly

Digital Credentials Summit 2019

New Models for Education and Talent Development
5-6 February 2019 in Tempe, Arizona
Hosted by IMS Global Learning Consortium
Online registration closes on 29 January

Open Standards & the Quantification of Learning at SXSW EDU 2019

The development of new technology standards in education has facilitated a move towards real-time, decentralized connections between skills development and employment. These same technologies set the stage for the broad application of machine learning and recommendation engines in service of student success. Wayne Skipper from Concentric Sky will be speaking at SXSW EDU 2019 and will explore how standards such as Open Badges, Open Pathways, Blockcerts, and the Comprehensive Learner Record quantify learning, why that's a good thing, and what it makes possible.
This article was contributed by Badgr


Badges and Blockcerts

This article, published by Learning Machine, generated quite a lot of discussion on LinkedIn. The article presents Learning Machine's views on the differences between digital credential formats and how to combine them for greatest impact. Alternate views and comments on the article content are represented in the ensuing discussion.
Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

This knowledge base for Open Badges and digital credentials is growing every week! Many thanks to those who continue to add information and resources to provide a community knowledge base.

Join the Loomio group to receive updates and to get involved with the its development!

Pressed for Tech Talent, Hiring Managers Consider Online Credentialing

This Wall Street Journal article considers the skills shortage in various future skill areas and the billions of hours of productivity, this could lead to if left unaddressed. The article contends that higher education will not be able to keep up with requirements and proposes that digital credentials could provide a solution.

First European doctoral dissertation to address digital open badges and digital open badge-driven learning

Digital open badges are gaining popularity as a means of identification and recognition of competences acquired differently. At the same time, new ways to motivate, scaffold and assess competence-based learning processes in professional development are emerging. In her doctoral dissertation, M.Sci. Sanna Brauer examines vocational pre- and in-service teachers different ideas, views and experiences of digital open badge-driven learning in professional development of digital pedagogical competences.

New Project? Every Time...

As we start a new year, We Are Open would like to wish you all the best with your new projects! Here's a thought from Bryan Mathers on why it's important to get started...

Available to use under license CC BY-ND 4.0.

You can find more of Bryan's illustrations on Badge Wiki.

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Recent academic articles

  • Brauer, S. (2019). Digital Open Badge-Driven Learning–Competence-based Professional Development for Vocational Teachers. (Link)
  • Fanfarelli, J. R. (2018). Designing Digital Badges to Improve Learning in Virtual Worlds. Journal For Virtual Worlds Research, 11(3). (Link)
  • Tátrai, F., & Mihályi, K. (2019). Open Badges in Education and Training in Europe. Opus et Educatio, 5(4). (Link)
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Upcoming events, webinars, and community calls

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Interesting discussions within the Open Badges community

  • Don Presant has posted information on the latest Open Recognition Alliance call with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) about their use of Open Badges for reflective professional development.

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