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Issue #24
Friday 12th January 2018

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This issue's featured content has been chosen by Open Badge Factory.

Building a trusted skills network in the humanitarian sector with Open Badges

From the article:

"HPass will use Open Badges as a common currency to recognise the knowledge, skills, abilities and achievements of humanitarians. In the “proof of concept” phase now coming to a close, early adopter organisations have been creating and issuing badges using Open Badge Factory accounts provided pro bono by Discendum. These early adopter organisations include the Humanitarian Leadership Academy itself, Save the Children and PM4NGOs."

Latest news

Repository for Prior Art for Digital Credentials and Open Badges - Patents or Applications

Repository for Prior Art for Digital Credentials and Open Badges - Patents or Applications

Stephen Downes notes that IMS Global Learning Consortium has provided a repository for crowdsourcing 'prior art' in the wake of Pearson's patent application.

Summit on Digital Credentials

Summit on Digital Credentials

Jeff Bohrer from IMS Global Learning Consortium, stewards of the Open Badges specification, has been in touch to invite readers to a summit in February. "The focus this year is on connecting employers with educators to improve access to skilled and qualified candidate," he writes.

Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

A knowledge repository for the Open Badges community. By the community for the community.

Many thanks to Participate for their foundational sponsorship. Be sure to join the Loomio group to discuss future plans!

Future Trends: Badging

Library of the Future - Future Trends: Badging

Thanks to Jeroen de Boer for sharing this page on the American Library Association's 'Library of the Future' website. It gives a handy overview, relevant links, and will be of particular use to librarians looking to use Open Badges in 2018!

The importance of digital badges

Internships and Badges Co-created with Mentors

Last year, we featured the work Del Lago Academy was doing with students through badge-based 'internships' in the 11th Grade. This post has more details about the programme and how badges are co-created with mentors.

Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

We're delighted to announce that Badge Wiki was launched to coincide with the European Open Badges Summit on 1st December 2017!

You can read more about the launch here and be sure to join the Loomio group to receive updates and to get involved!

Students Need Critical Thinking Now More Than Ever: Three Liberal Arts Colleges in Michigan Lead the Way

Students Need Critical Thinking Now More Than Ever: Three Liberal Arts Colleges in Michigan Lead the Way

A short article by Education Design Lab highlighting the kind of activity that lends itself perfectly to badging! Also see their work on badging resilience.

How diplomas based on skill acquisition, not credits earned, could change education

How diplomas based on skill acquisition, not credits earned, could change education

Although it doesn't mention badges specifically, this article in The Hechinger Report last year points to an interesting development in Maine, USA which could affect the uptake of badges in the next few years.

Have you read a great article about badges you'd like us to include in an upcoming issue? Get in touch with a link!

Recent academic articles

  • Auh, Y., & Sim, H. R. (2017). Ubiquitous Learning and Digital Badges in the Age of Hyper-connectivity. In Advances in Computer Science and Ubiquitous Computing (pp. 1464-1469). Springer, Singapore.
  • Buchem, I. (2017, July). Developing Social Media Skills for Professional Online Reputation of Migrant Job-Seekers. The case of Germany’s BeuthBonus Program. In ECSM 2017 4th European Conference on Social Media (p. 63). Academic Conferences and publishing limited.
  • Dowling-Hetherington, L., & Glowatz, M. (2017). The Usefulness of Digital Badges in Higher Education: Exploring the Students’ Perspectives. In Irish Journal of Academic Practice, 6(1), Article 1. (Link)
  • Hodges, C.B. & Harris, R.S. (2017). Self-Efficacy: A Rationale for Badging in Learning Contexts. Journal on School Educational Technology, 13(1).

Did we miss one? Incorrectly cite something? Send in a correction! Note that if an article listed above does not feature a link, this is because it is not available on the open web. You may be able to get access to it via your local library.

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