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Issue #23
Friday 8th December 2017

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Please note that this will be the last issue of Badge News in 2017. We'd like to thank our sponsors for making this newsletter possible and available to you free of charge. As a bonus this time, we've included the most popular news articles (as clicked on by you!)

See you in 2018 for more regular badge goodness!

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This week's featured content has been chosen by Concentric Sky, the organisation behind Badgr.
The TeachThought Podcast Ep.93

TeachThought Podcast Ep. 93 Recognizing Learning And Growth With Open Badges

Drew Perkins talks with Wayne Skipper, CEO and Founder of Concentric Sky about open badging, micro-credentialing and education and recognizing learning.

Wayne is also interviewed in Episode 107 of the Leading Learning podcast about Forging Open Pathways.

Latest news

 Towards an Ethical Framework for #OpenRecognition

Towards an Ethical Framework for #OpenRecognition

Serge Ravet bemoans the lack of an ethical framework to Open Badges, pointing out that they "are not innocuous". He states that the MIRVA project (Making Informal Recognition Visible and Actionable) will include an ethical framework as "a key element".

The Digital Badge as a Transitional Technology: A Raft on the Journey

The Digital Badge as a Transitional Technology: A Raft on the Journey

Bernard Bull explains that badges are a 'transitional technology' towards a wider aim of open recognition. As such, he believes, patents and other claims will not slow down the wider movement.

Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

We're delighted to announce that Badge Wiki was launched to coincide with the European Open Badges Summit on December 1st!

You can read more about the launch here and be sure to join the Loomio group to receive updates and to get involved!

Skills without borders

Skills without borders

Ilona Buchem helpfully shared her slides from the recent Open Badges summit. Her presentation provides details of the 'BeuthBonus' programme in helping migrant academics find meaningful work in Germany.

The importance of digital badges

The importance of digital badges

Amrit Saroya, AXELOS Head of Membership, also attended the Open Badges summit and explains how "digital badges can increase efficiencies in hiring practices and reduce costs".

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Recent academic articles

  • Aarts, A. A. (2017). Open Practices Badges for Curricula Vitae: An additional way to help change incentives in Psychological Science?. (Link)
  • Bruysten, T., Stracke, C. M., & Specht, M. (2017, November). gMOOCs–Flow and Persuasion to Gamify MOOCs. In Games and Learning Alliance: 6th International Conference, GALA 2017, Lisbon, Portugal, December 5–7, 2017, Proceedings (Vol. 10653, p. 126). Springer.
  • Gaston, P. L. (2017). The Not-So-Little Engine That Can. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 49(5), 57-65.

Did we miss one? Incorrectly cite something? Send in a correction! Note that if an article listed above does not feature a link, this is because it is not available on the open web. You may be able to get access to it via your local library.

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Most popular Badge News links of 2017

We Are Open Co-op began Badge News in January of this year with the support of our founding sponsors, the organisations behind the Badgr, Credly, and Open Badge Factory platforms. This newsletter now has around 650 subscribers, growing organically through word-of-mouth and social sharing.

The following are the 20 most clicked on links by Badge News subscribers this year. Note that we removed links to events such as the Open Badges Summit and ePIC that have now passed.

  1. Supporting Project Based Learning with Digital Badges
  2. Gamify Your Canvas Course with Badgr Open Badges
  3. 21st Century Skills Badging: A Bridge from Education to the Workforce
  4. Pearson, WTF? Badges, patents, and the world’s ‘least popular’ education company
  5. Competency-Based Micro-credentials are Transforming Professional Learning
  6. Badge Benefits: How organizations can use badging to encourage learning and generate results
  7. Microcredentials & the Evolution of Badges to Recognize Learning
  8. Backpack — I Choose You!
  9. Alternative Credentials Create Alternative Paths to Employment
  10. 5 Common Misconceptions about Open Badges
  11. Developer’s Guide to Issuing Open Badges 2.0
  12. A digital credential: the badge everyone actually wants
  13. Badge Wallet
  14. Badge Wiki: Creating a knowledge base for Open Badges
  15. Connecting the Dots: How digital credentials can bridge UK’s soft skills gap
  16. Customer story - North Kirkwood Middle School, USA
  17. How dynamic badging could change professional learning
  18. Micro-credentials for Teachers: What Three Early Adopters Have Learned So Far
  19. Badges, Proof and Pathways
  20. The 10 Things We’ve Learned from 21st Century Skills Badging
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