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Issue #33
Friday 28th September 2018

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Latest news

IACET Credential

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training issues new digital credential to member organizations

IACET will utilize, create and issue its own digital credential, affirming accreditation of its member organizations that have met the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training.

This article was contributed by Credly
Badgr tech image

Can education keep up with technology?

Wayne Skipper, CEO of Concentric Sky, considers the pace of technological change and the impact on how employers use and understand student learning and competency. He explores trends such as automation and Artifical Intelligence (AI) saying we can no longer expect employers to interpret analog representations of learning achievements. He suggests we must instead focus on machine-readable representations backed by an ecosystem of open technology standards including Open Badges and Open Pathways.

This article was contributed by Badgr
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Transferring skills to badges in Africa

Satu Järvinen, Founder and CEO of SkillSafari discusses a project they have been running with Open Badge Factory, to create pathways to successful careers in Africa.

The objectives of the project were:

  • To test the SkillSafari badging approach with teachers
  • To learn how teachers adopt a new approach to validating skills
  • To map existing skills of teachers based on their school level, location etc., and to validate the badging approach as a way to gather data on existing skills in the field
  • To learn about the skills and challenges of teachers in Tunisia for further badge development.
This article was contributed by Open Badge Factory


IBM Wake Tech

IBM Expands its Digital Badge Program: First joint badge with an academic institution

IBM has developed its first joint digital badge program in collaboration with Wake Technical Community College. “Zero to Blockchain,” was developed by IBM Distinguished Engineer Bob Dill. IBM will serve as judges for the capstone projects, and students will be able to earn co-branded IBM Wake Tech blockchain badges as a signal of their achievement, which are built on the Open Badges specification.

Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

This knowledge base for Open Badges and digital credentials is growing every week! Many thanks to those who continue to add information and resources to provide a community knowledge base.

Join the Loomio group to receive updates and to get involved with the its development!

EESD Diagram

How can technology help a city raise attainment?

In this blog post, Grainne Hamilton draws on findings from place and technology-based projects, that are seeking to enhance access to opportunities within cities.

The post covers how these projects are using Open Badges, Badge Profiles and Badge Pathways with the aim of helping young people build confidence in their skills, widen their horizons and embark on pathways to meaningful learning, civic and employment opportunities.

Endorsement diagram

Why badge endorsement is a game-changer

Doug Belshaw reflects on why he has been advocating for Moodle to upgrade its Open Badges implementation to v2.0. He comments that the reason for this is endorsement. Referencing Don Presant's work on a Humanitarian Passport project, he discusses that the ultimate aim of alternative credentialing such as Open Badges is recognition, and that the ability to endorse badges is a big step forward towards that.


Education Technology

One of the posts this week mentions gaining a badge for lego! Bryan Mathers comments on the skills he thinks he learned or demonstrated through lego... 'I love Lego, and I wonder how much it played a part in feeding my creative (and constructivist) side. Problem solving, learning to pivot and change direction, creating new worlds with others.'

Available to use under license CC BY-ND 4.0.

You can find more of Bryan's illustrations on Badge Wiki.

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Recent academic articles

  • Brauer, S., Hallikainen, V., & Ruhalahti, S. (2018). Digital professional learning: triggers in an online badge-driven process. (Link)
  • Brauer, S., Siklander, P., & Ruhalahti, S. (2017). Motivation in digital open badge-driven learning in vocational teacher education. Ammattikasvatuksen aikakauskirja, 19(3), 7-23. (Link)
  • Donnelly, R., Maguire, T. (2018) Ireland’s Higher Education Teachers have a National Professional Development Framework, now what? The Universal Design and Higher Education in Transformation Congress (UDHEIT2018), Dublin, 2018. (Link)
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Interesting discussions within the Open Badges community

  • Karen Jeffrey starts a discussion from her post reflecting on evidence, baked badges and Badge Connect. Ideas and issues that that could be addressed are raised.
  • Laimonas Ragauskas asks questions regarding retirement of the Mozilla badge backpack and the new backpack provided by Badgr.

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