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Issue #20
Friday 27th October 2017

Welcome to Badge News from We Are Open Co-op! Our bi-weekly newsletter keeps the Open Badges community informed of what's going on, in-and-around the ecosystem.

New to badges? You might find useful this write-up of a workshop one of our co-founders ran in Barcelona recently.

Many of you reading this will be attending, or closely following the Mozilla Festival or ePIC 2017. Please do share your thoughts and reflections with the world, as well as with us by clicking that green button below!

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This week's featured article has been chosen by Concentric Sky, the organisation behind Badgr. Click through to read about how they partnered with New World of Work and Connected Lane County to develop badges around 21st Century Skills.

21st Century Skills Badging: A Bridge from Education to the Workforce

A quotation from the article:

"21st century employability skills are knowledge, work habits, and traits necessary for success. They are the competencies that today’s employers find increasingly important. As employers shift from degree-based hiring to competency-based hiring, they place more value on skill sets and less on a certificate or degree. Educational institutions across the country are being called upon to better prepare learners with 21st century employability skills. "

Latest news

The Puzzle of the Macro in the Micro

The Puzzle of the Macro in the Micro

This thoughtful contribution to EDUCAUSE Review by Sasha Thackaberry coins a hashtag to remind us #YouAreNotTheUser when it comes to digital credentials.

Badge Benefits: how organizations can use badging to encourage learning and generate results

Badge Benefits: how organizations can use badging to encourage learning and generate results

This long-ish article in Training Magazine features advice from a range of well-known figures in the Open Badges community.

More details on Badge Wiki

Open Badges Summit 2017: Modern Employment and Digital Credentials

The first IMS Global Learning Consortium and Digitalme European Open Badges Summit will bring together high-profile employers, members of civil service, education and commercial product leaders to share, learn and discuss the technology, people and climate that make Open Badges work. Special tracks have been designed for technical and non-technical attendees.

(1st December, London)

 Determine Which Online Credential Is Right for You

Determine Which Online Credential Is Right for You

Four basic questions online learners should ask themselves, the most important may well be the last: Can my credentials build on each other?

Cognizone @ ESCO v.1 launching conference!

Cognizone @ ESCO v.1 launching conference!

This post focuses on the badging the ESCO framework, which stands for the European Classification of Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations. There are links to presentations and resources.

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Badge Wiki

Badge Wiki

A new knowledge base for the Open Badges community being built by We Are Open Co-op and made possible by Participate. Join our Loomio group to get updates and to get involved!

Innovative uses of badges

Open Badges on Rail. Young Europe - Rethinking Democracy

This series of badges, created as part of the celebrations around the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, demonstrates how badges can be emergent and co-created with participants:

"Tailor-made system of Open Badges supported and recognised learning happening during this exciting journey. The participants created their individual badges, facilitators offered 14 workshop badges, Badgecraft team introduced 5 mobility badges and 2 badges for facilitators. To gamify the experience “EUfie” feedback badges were given to young people enabling them to provide each other feedback and create a positive atmosphere within a group. All the achievements were recorded in the Personal Achievements Pass.”

Click here to find out more

Recent academic articles

  • Bertrando, S. L. E. (2017). Rethinking Workplace Learning in the Digital World: A Case Study of Open Badges (Doctoral dissertation, Pepperdine University). (Link)
  • Martín-Monje, E., Castrillo, M. D., & Mañana-Rodríguez, J. (2017). Understanding online interaction in language MOOCs through learning analytics. Computer Assisted Language Learning, 1-22.
  • Šuníková, D., Kubincová, Z., Simionescu, S., & Popescu, E. (2017, July). Peer assessment augmented with digital badges: A first experience report. In Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training (ITHET), 2017 16th International Conference on (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

Did we miss one? Incorrectly cite something? Send in a correction! Note that if an article listed above does not feature a link, this is because it is not available on the open web. You may be able to get access to it via your local library.

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