November Report 

 The month of October has been busy and productive for the USofCC. We have been engaged in intensive negotiations sessions with the College on a weekly basis. The bargaining committee has been inspired by, and grateful for the show of support from the Contract Support Team before each session. They have demonstrated the effect of power in numbers and have sent strong messages urging the College to reach an agreement on this contract. I am optimistic about the progress made in the past several weeks and we are cautiously optimistic that we will reach an agreement this month. Once that happens, we will send out notification to the membership and call for a general meeting. Please keep an eye out for the next General Membership meeting invitation. I urge you to attend that meeting. Hopefully we will have something to celebrate!
Meanwhile, we have received JDQ information from Mercer and a Job Study Committee of smart and competent USofCC members has been formed. The process is likely to be long in its scope, but we are finally underway. We will keep everyone updated on the progress being made. Your patience and support is greatly appreciated. As long as we strive to keep some kind of rational order and unity within our union, the possibilities ahead of us are quite welcoming!
Most sincerely, 
Tanya Harasym
USofCC Vice President
Negotiations Committee member

"Weingarten Rights"

The right to bring a representative with you to a meeting with a supervisor. What to know and what to do in the event of an investigatory interview with your employer.


Breakfast Brief 
On October 11th, the staff had the opportunity to talk to the new Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at Columbia College Chicago, Jefferey Meece. Some topics discussed: 
  • Shift in recruiting styles 
  • Graduate Admissions moved under Constantin Rasinariu, Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Enrollment management moved from the provosts office to Marketing Communications which is under the Presidents office.
  • Hired more Full time recruiters nationwide. 
    • Recruiters are given numeric targets to hit. 
    • Fully trained on CRM (customer service management) and equipped with mobile communications tools.
  • 7 Faculty members are going to work closely with Enrollment Management thru the Faculty Administrative Fellow for Student Recruitment under the Fellowship Program. 
    • Program increases faculty involvement while also giving them release time.
  • Fall 2016 retention is 70.5%
    • Increase from 69.0 in 2015
  • QA/Feedback
    • Whats the national average from deposited and enrolled what is our melt rate in comparison?
      • Average is 11 to 12 percent. We saw a much larger melt
    • Why?
      • Unsuccessful avenues of communication and increase of tuition.
    • If students who are coming in spring can they enroll in j term?
      • They should be able to enroll but he is going to ask to make sure with Mrs Walters

Fall 2016 College Assembly
Diversity of what?
Equity is what?
Inclusion in what?

Presenter: Jacqueline Battalora, attorney, inclusivity trainer and professor of sociology at Saint Xavier University. She is the author of Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and Its Relevance.

Followed by Q&A and Discussion
Monday, November 14:  11:00 am-12:30 pm, Stage Two


Negotiations Committee

Negotiations are in the final stages. This is always the most difficult and delicate time. The college made a monetary proposal for the third year benefit plan. USofCC countered with some lesser adjustments. The negotiation committee is meeting Monday to review the entire contract. Both sides have made language adjustments to the remaining positions. We are hopeful that coming to an agreement is near. 

Membership Committee

Postcard campaign urges state to fund MAP grants

The state has yet to fund MAP grants for fiscal year 2017. More than 130,000 students rely on these  grants. The number of grants awarded has been reduced substantially, with only 105,000 receiving awards for 2016 compared to the  128,000 in 2015.

The Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grant postcard campaign reflects the commitment that staff have for our students. It also reflects our support of educational experiences that actively promote and acknowledge diversity, equity and inclusion. The campaign encourages Illinois residents to fill out two postcards to their state senators and representatives urging them to fund MAP grants. Within a week, 1,419 postcards were signed by the Columbia community. 

USofCC Staff members MAP Grant Committee:
Lisa Butler                                     
Everlidys Cabrera   
Ramona Gupta
Michael Kilinski
Joan McGrath
Cole Robertson
Oscar Valdez, Membership Chair                           
Regina Wellner                      
Robert Zilligen

IEA: Region 67, provided the food and postcards materials.
To read more on the MAP Grant campaign, please read the following article from the Columbia Chronicle.

Unfair Labor Practice Charges

The Union made two information requests in February 2016. Columbia College Chicago did not respond to the request during negotiations or labor-management meetings. The Union requested information on the status of the JDQ's on April 8, 2016. CCC did not address the JDQs, USofCC continued to ask CCC for a response to its request for the JDQS during negotiations and labor-management meetings. On September 12, 2016, CCC partially responded to the Union’s August 26, 2016 information request. However, the colleges response on September 12th did not address the following:
  • The projected timeline for completion of the Mercer study;
  • A time when the Job Study steering committee would be reconvened; and
  • The information already received from Mercer. The Employer admitted as early as
  • April 20 that it had information and reports from Mercer & Associates but refused to provide this information until after the Employer had first reviewed it.
On September 12, 2016, CCC claimed for the first time in writing that it needed more time to gather the JDQs.

CCC's failure and refusal to provide relevant information requested by the Union violated Sections 8(a)(1) and (5) of the Act. Furthermore, the Employer’s unreasonable delay in responding to the Union’s numerous information requests also constitutes a violation of 6 Sections 8(a)(1) and (5) of the Act. This delay has prejudiced the Union’s ability to adequately prepare to bargain over the salary schedule as required by the MOU and to fully prepare for cases that may be appealed.

The Chicago
What: Christkindlmarket
When: November 18 to December 23
Where: Daily Plaza. The Loop

Columbia Mix
What: Fall 2016 MFA Thesis Screening
When: November 15th @5:30 pm
Where: 1104 S Wabash Ave; 8th FL


President: Nick Hoeppner X8876 (Radio)
Vice President: Tanya Harasym x8129 (Learning Studio)
Secretary: Marija Kovacevic x6534 (Science & Mathematics)
Membership Chair: Oscar Valdez x7690 (HHSS)
Negotiations Committee: Mary Badger x6105 (Theater)
Grievance Committee Chair: Craig Sigele x6843 (Communications and Media Innovation )
Communications Chair: Marsha Sanchez x7572 (IAM)
IEA Region 67 Representatives:  Joan McGrath, Cole Robertson and Mike Bright
IEA Special Higher Ed Organizer: Bill Silver 312-404-3967 /


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