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CAVAL and CAUL announce changes to the CAUL Statistics Services

Australia, 26th November 2021

 – Commencing 2022, CAVAL will no longer be facilitating, collating, and managing the annual university library statistics for CAUL.

This marks the end of the cooperative partnership between the Council of Australian University Librarians Inc. (CAUL) and CAVAL Ltd. that goes back three decades to 1992 when CAVAL commenced managing the collection and compilation of statistical data for university libraries in Australia. The data was published annually as a Supplement of the Australian Academic and Research Libraries (AARL) journal for many years. Over the last 15 years, CAVAL has provided and maintained an online CAUL Statistics platform. This also includes the provision of a helpdesk created to provide help and assistance to statistics collection participants and website users. CAVAL also provided a liaison with the CAUL Statistics Advisory Committee to provide advice, commentary, and insights into the data elements and collection process.

Historically, the CAUL Statistics Services have focused on collecting and presenting data from university libraries in Australia and New Zealand for the purposes of cross-institutional benchmarking, facilitating the demonstration of value and impact, and enabling the provision of sector-level aggregate data for the profiling of ANZ academic libraries.

In late 2020, the CAUL Board approved a proposal to establish the position of Director, Strategy & Analytics in recognition of a need to focus on a broader analytics service for CAUL, effectively establishing analytics as a portfolio of work including the CAUL statistics. With the establishment of the broader Analytics Portfolio, the need to undertake a review of CAUL’s current statistics and analytics activities and to articulate a future direction for the Portfolio was identified. In this context, CAUL has decided to implement a contemporary analytics stack that facilitates the collection, storage, transformation, analysis, and presentation of data.

In the coming weeks, CAVAL will be working with CAUL on the transfer of the data from CAVAL’s statistics platform to CAUL. CAVAL and CAUL are committed to this being as smooth a transition as possible.

However, it is not the end of the relationship between the two organisations, as the partnership will continue into the future in other ways.

“We value our long-standing relationship with CAUL and look forward to future opportunities and to strengthen this relationship.” said Jaime McCowan, Chief Executive Officer, CAVAL. “With CAVAL's partnership and collaboration with CAUL spanning many years, we would especially like to thank Sae Ra Germaine and Annalisa Kristof from the CAVAL Digital Platforms team for managing the CAUL Statistics, and, CAUL for entrusting CAVAL with its annual return.”

Mark Sutherland, Executive Director of CAUL said, “While this new direction for analytics will bring to a conclusion the arrangement between CAUL and CAVAL regarding statistics, the partnership between the two organisations continues to thrive with overlapping cooperative initiatives including a digital dexterity community of practise and agreements relating to the provision of the JUSP-ANZ and IRUS-ANZ services via the CAUL Consortium, among others. CAUL would like to thank CAVAL for the service provided over many years and we look forward to partnering with CAVAL in the future as other opportunities arise.”

Contact for more information:
Jaime McCowan
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Mark Sutherland
Executive Director, CAUL
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