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NEWSLETTER - December 2020

Hi <<First Name>>, Welcome to the last issue of our newsletter for this year. A big hello from us if you are receiving this newsletter for the first time! We hope you find it a good read. See you again in 2021- Until then enjoy your well-earned break!
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CAVAL is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new language resources website

This is our official and exclusive language resources online shop for public library customers, students and migrant communities. This site is really for anyone looking for books and AV materials in their native language. These books may also be helpful for those who are learning a new language. We currently have titles across different categories in more than 15 languages. The website has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, providing users with a streamlined experience when browsing the collection. We are currently serving Australia and New Zealand and more information about buying resources through us can be found here
Please feel free to share the website link with your patrons, students, family, friends, or anyone that may benefit from these resources that have been carefully selected by our language experts.  

We are also happy to receive your feedback on the website so do let us know how we can enhance our service via 

Community engagement and Member Services - A Report

In 2020 CAVAL hosted 16 professional development events which attracted a total of 2,686 attendees. Of those attendees, 70% came from CAVAL member institutions and 30% were from outside the membership. Due to COVID-19 all events were hosted virtually. This enabled us to offer more events to a larger audience, in Australia and overseas, resulting in a 128% increase in the number of events and a 347% increase in attendee numbers. The events had 42 speakers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. The opportunity to host international speakers was greatly aided by the online format.  

The CAVAL Cross-Institutional mentoring program ran in Victoria and NSW, hosting 5 networking events in total for our 47 mentor/mentee pairs. This year we heard from 19 speakers from Australia and the UK. As we were unable to meet our speakers, facilitators, scribes and panelists in person this year due to travel and social distancing restrictions, we decided to plant trees on their behalf as a way to say Thank You through 15Trees.  

Landcare groups planted 105 trees on behalf of CAVAL and its speakers, panelists, facilitators and scribes. A blog post about the tree plantings can be found here. The trees were a positive and impactful way to say Thank You in a year that has been challenging for many and they have been greatly appreciated by the recipients. If you are looking for some relevant professional development during the year end break, feel free to check out our youtube channel for event recordings. 

CAVAL Priority Planning workshop - November 2020
Last month CAVAL conducted a collaborative priority planning session with its key members and public partners.
We began by conducting extensive environmental scans, prioritizing, and consolidating our findings and arrived at the following priority themes before the actual workshop:
  • Access and Discovery: Continuous improvement of workflows and improved technologies
  • Value and Impact: CAVAL’s purpose and membership
  • Digital Transformation: Business development and direction to move into the digital space
During the workshop, CAVAL Board members, key member libraries and public library stakeholders came together to add to and develop on these themes. This exercise was critical as we discussed their key challenges/pain points over the next few years and also explored ways to enhance our offerings. Click here to see the key outcomes that emerged out of the workshops. These priorities will now help us co-create opportunities and identify actions that we can review, implement and report on throughout the year. 

IRUS-ANZ R5 Updates with CAVAL and Jisc

Jisc UK conducted a webinar recently for its IRUS-ANZ users announcing the transition from Release 4 to 5.  Jo Lambert, Service manager, Jisc UK said 'this transition was really an opportunity to improve the front end and the back end of the portal and to think about how we could make improvements and optimise the service' 

The team covered the IRUS R5 overview of the developments that have happened and explained how this would impact and benefit the ANZ users. 

 The key developments are as follows:  

  • Access to data across family of services 
  • RS Compliance: Investigations as well as requests 
  • Reduced number of reports but with increased flexibility 
  • Improvements to report labelling and task based organisation of the website and reports 
  • More prominent and flexible API 
  • Open access service so no login is required 

The existing counter release for service will be run in parallel with this new service in the short term so that users can get access to stats from both services. 
Please contact if you are interested in the details of the developments or wish to access the demo. 

A Snapshot of Library Supply and CARM

Like many other businesses, our Library Supply service was impacted by COVID-19 this year, however, from 1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020, the department was still able to catalogue and/or process around 71,750 items. Out of those, Academic Institutions accounted for 9%, Public libraries 73% and State Libraries 18%.  
In terms of orders, our top 3 languages were Chinese, English and Japanese. 

In our Storage and Shared Collection area, approximately 3,500 Shared Collection volumes have been ingested into the Collection between July and October. Our CARM1 Shared Collection space utilisation stands at 88.5% which leaves approximately 11.5% of space remaining and CARM2 leased storage usage is 73%, leaving 23% free. 

To know more about these areas or to place a service request contact

Season’s greetings from all of us at CAVAL. We will be closed end of business Dec 23, 2020 & reopen on Jan 04, 2021.

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