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It’s in with the new in 2022! The Office of Distance Learning is eager to share new tools to make your online courses more manageable and engaging. The Canvas tool New Quizzes is now available for use in course and development sites. The timeline for using New Quizzes has been revised, allowing you more time to become familiar with the tool.
Two innovative video technologies – a document camera and a 360 camera – allow you to create an immersive experience for your students and will be especially useful in courses such as STEM labs. For the spring semester, instructors can access a free tool that can improve content engagement for students. You can also do some spring cleaning on your course with an application that helps you remove old files. Learn more about these options below.
In addition, we’re offering new training opportunities to become skilled in creating documents and PDFs that are student-friendly and accessible in a variety of formats. This will give students options in where and how they interact with course content. You can also learn how using design templates can help you customize your course.
We’re also excited to share the latest online graduate program rankings from U.S. News & World Report. Our FSU programs continue to lead the nation in offering high-quality and affordable learning opportunities. Read more about the top-ranked programs, including criminology, information technology, business, and education.
We hope you find these new tools and resources to be a valuable addition to your instructional toolkit. Join us as we explore these new options together. And remember to follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook for more training, tools, and technologies that can help you enhance the online learning environment for your students. 


New Quizzes Timeline Extended

Decorative Image New Quizzes radio buttonInstructure (the parent company of Canvas) has extended the timeline for the New Quizzes rollout in Canvas. This new timeline allows FSU to use Classic Quizzes through June 2024.

However, it’s never too early to begin testing out New Quizzes. Because New Quizzes is now enabled as an option for all FSU Canvas course and development sites, instructors can become familiar with the features.

Revised Timeline

  • January-December 2022: ODL encourages instructors to use New Quizzes in a course site(s) or development site to practice with the features. If instructors using New Quizzes need assistance, ODL Technical Support is available to answer questions, explain new features, and, if needed, help them move back to Classic Quizzes for the remainder of the semester. Please reach out to 850-644-8004 or for support or submit a ticket. Note: Instructure developers are currently testing a new tool that will help instructors fully migrate all quizzes and question banks from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes with minimal effort.
  • August 3, 2022: After Summer 2022 grades have been submitted, the migration of assessment content from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes will be turned on by default. If instructors would prefer not to migrate content at this time, they can uncheck the default setting.  
  • January-December 2023: ODL encourages instructors to use New Quizzes exclusively in all course sites. This will allow time to experience the tool and receive assistance with any issues before Classic Quizzes is retired in June 2024.
  • January-June 2024: At this point in the timeline, instructors should be using New Quizzes exclusively to avoid any last-minute migration challenges.  
  • June 30, 2024: Instructure will retire Classic Quizzes permanently.

Training & Resources

Instructors can register for a New Quizzes webinar to learn more about the tool and transition. Additional resources include articles on Get to Know New Quizzes and Introducing New Quizzes and the Transition Timeline.

Online Grad Programs Among Nation’s Best

gavel with a background balance scaleFlorida State University’s online graduate programs once again rank among the best in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 Best Online Programs.

The College of Criminology and Criminal Justice’s online graduate program jumped two spots from its previous ranking, putting it at No. 6 nationally. Among public universities, the program moved up one spot to No. 5 and captured a No. 4 overall ranking for veterans. The college offers a master’s degree in criminology.
The College of Communication and Information’s online graduate program in information technology ranked No. 6 nationally and No. 3 among public universities. For veterans, the program placed No. 4 among all institutions. The master’s degree is offered by the college’s School of Information.

decorative image of metting room collaboration The College of Business’s non-MBA graduate program ranked No. 16 nationally and No. 11 among public universities. This program offers degrees in management information systems and risk management and insurance. The college’s online MBA program, with a degree in business administration, checked in at No. 37 and held steady at No. 28 among public institutions. For veterans, the non-MBA program ranked No. 6 and the MBA program ranked No. 26 among all institutions.
The College of Education’s online graduate program ranked No. 7 overall for veterans. The program checked in at No. 22 nationally and No. 21 among public universities. The college offers the following degrees:

“We are pleased to see so many of FSU’s online programs consistently placed in the high rankings,” said Robert J. Fuselier, Director of the Office of Distance Learning. “It is a testament to the hard work our faculty, instructional staff, and support teams put into offering a first-class learning experience for our students.”

The methodology for ranking online programs included five general categories: student engagement, faculty credentials and training, student services and technologies, expert opinion, and student excellence.

Specialty Rankings

For specialty rankings of master’s degrees, U.S. News & World Report uses a methodology based on responses to a peer assessment survey. Respondents were asked to list up to 15 institutions they believed had strengths in particular areas.

By this metric, the College of Education’s graduate specialty programs ranked among some of the best in the nation. The instructional systems and learning technologies program placed at No. 2. Both special education and educational leadership and policy (with a major in educational leadership and administration) jumped four spots from their previous rankings to No. 3, and curriculum and instruction checked in at No. 4. For the College of Business, the MBA graduate specialty programs in business analytics and general management placed at No. 15.

Engagement Tool Coming Soon for Spring

Decorative Image Annoto logo For the spring semester, online and face-to-face instructors will have the opportunity to access the interactive video tool Annoto, which enhances content engagement for students and provides insight into student usage and performance. The application will allow instructors and students to work in Canvas to:
  • Enhance engagement and collaboration. Annoto provides an interactive video platform that allows for learner-to-learner and learner-to-instructor interaction. In-video collaboration, time-tagged discussions, and personal notes facilitate active student learning. The tool is designed for learners to explore, analyze, and apply knowledge at their own pace regardless of modality. 
  • Deliver diverse use cases. Examples include skills assessment, guided watching, class recording and instructional video content, video analysis, and peer review and feedback.  
  • Provide faculty with insights on learner performance. The dashboard is integrated in the learning environment and furnishes comprehensive analytics and actionable insights to the instructor.
More Information Coming Soon
ODL will be providing more information soon about Annoto access, timelines, and training. If you are interested in learning more about the tool, review the following resources:

Cameras Help Create Online Course Media

IPEVO dual-mode document camera Instructors can work with the ODL media production team to use two new video technologies that can help with developing online course materials. By using the document camera or 360 camera, you can create an engaging learning environment for students.

Document Camera

The IPEVO dual-mode document camera captures images in real time, including learning materials like documents, artwork, textbooks, or 3D objects. This tool can help you transform lectures into an interactive experience. With the document camera, you can:
  • Stream images, take photos, and record video
  • Bring science labs to life
  • Magnify math manipulatives
  • Demonstrate how to use technology
  • Review and discuss quizzes or tests
  • Read and write along with your students
You can use HDMI to connect the camera to a TV, monitor, or projector to stream live images. Use USB to connect to a computer to take snapshots or record video as well as stream images. The camera is compatible with Mac, PC, and Chromebook, along with a variety of software: Camtasia, Seesaw, Open Broadcaster Software, and web conferencing platforms like Zoom. For more information, visit the IPEVO website.

Insta360 Camera

Insta360 Camera This small camera offers dual-action technology to meet a variety of video needs, from a 360-degree camera to a 4K wide-angle shooter. 360 footage is ideal for on-the-go scenarios with a lot of action. The camera is also beneficial for arts and sciences courses that involve tours, events, or interactive demonstrations in the field. By capturing every moment from every angle, you can provide students with an immersive experience of your course.

Waterproof up to 16 feet, the Insta360 camera is equipped with audio, an invisible selfie stick, and a tripod. Additional features include image stabilization, slow motion, and HDR photo and video. The camera is compatible with iOS and Android systems. For more information, visit the Insta360 website.

Using the Cameras

Instructors can check out the document camera for one week at a time, while the media team provides full-service support with using the Insta360 camera. The team will collaborate with you to shoot 360 footage for your course and help with editing. For access to either camera, contact Media Production Manager D.D. Garbarino at or 850-644-7574 (M-F, 8am-4:30pm). Instructors of distance learning courses will be given priority scheduling.

ODL Faculty Coauthors Graduate Textbook

Decorative image Dr. Kerry Burner photo textbook cover art for Psycology of Learning for Instruction Congratulations to Dr. Kerry Burner of the Office of Distance Learning’s instructional development faculty unit. Burner coauthored the fourth edition of a leading graduate textbook, Psychology of Learning for Instruction, with FSU College of Education Dean Emeritus Marcy Driscoll. Published by Pearson in 2022, the book focuses on the implications and applications of learning theories to instructional practice.

Scanning Stats & Course Evaluation Update

The FSU Testing Center continues to offer form scanning for paper-based tests, online proctoring through Honorlock, and in-person specialty exams like CLEP and Modern Language Placement. In addition, anyone interested in becoming Microsoft- or Adobe-certified can register for one of our professional certification exams. To learn more about these services, see the announcement on FSU Testing Center Spring Services.

Scanning Statistics

For Fall 2021, the Testing Center staff scanned 30,000 sheets, processed 346 exams, and served 100 unique clients. The median turnaround time for a scan job was 28.2 minutes with an average time of 4 hours, 36 minutes. The fastest turnaround time was 2 minutes. Turnaround time was calculated from the time the job was received to the time the results were delivered electronically in real time.
For questions about scanning, visit the Form Scanning page, email us at or call 850-644-3017.

Bar graph representing exams scanned by month for fall semester. Data: August 1%, September 22%, October 25%, November 19%, December 33%

Course Evaluations Get New Name

Decora5tive Image Watermark logoIn addition to scanning and online proctoring services, the Assessment & Testing unit administers course evaluations on behalf of the university. The online course evaluation system recently got a new name and branding: Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT). Functionality has not changed so instructors can expect the same experience working in the system as they have in the past.

Course Survey Cross-listing Tool

A course survey cross-listing tool is now available to departmental administrators who wish to combine course evaluation reports. Departments typically combine courses when one instructor teaches multiple, low-enrollment (fewer than five students) courses that would otherwise be ineligible for participation in course evaluations. Departments may also choose to combine a co-listed course when it has both a graduate and undergraduate section. Instructors can request access to the tool by completing an access request form. For questions about course evaluations, email us at or call 850-645-2730.

Resources for Developing Inclusive Courses

As part of its commitment to an inclusive learning environment, Florida State University offers several resources to help faculty ensure that course materials are accessible to all students. If you have questions about course accessibility, please contact one of the following offices:
Decorative Image cameraman recording a one on one interview

Road Trip

Need assistance with on-location media? The ODL media production team can meet you at your destination to shoot video content for online courses. The team traveled to Ocala, Florida, to film footage with beer distributor Team Cone. In this shot, J.J. Jarrell, Team Cone Director of Human Resources, chats with Dr. Libby Lewis of the FSU Dedman College of Hospitality for her course HFT 2452: Hospitality Supply Management. To coordinate a video shoot, contact Media Production Manager D.D. Garbarino at


Canvas logo

New Webinars Added to Spring Training

The Office of Distance Learning continues to provide training to help instructors enhance the quality of the design and delivery of online courses.

New Webinars

We’re offering new sessions this spring on how to make Word and PDF documents accessible and how to use templates to enrich course design:
  • Make Office Documents Accessible. Learn about making headings, image descriptions, text columns, and tables accessible in this hands-on session.
    Register >
  • Make PDF Documents Accessible. Format examples of PDF documents in this session, which addresses common accessibility issues found in PDFs.
    Register >
  • Use Templates to Make Your Course Site Pop! Use the DesignPLUS editor to customize templates to meet individual course needs.
    Register >

Quality Series

We continue to provide training to help you incorporate elements of quality design into your online courses. Webinars in this series review the Quality Matters rubric, objectives and alignment, and the principles of universal design. You’ll also learn about delivery strategies for effective communication, ways to engage students with online activities, and approaches to online pedagogy.

Skill-building Sessions

We offer skill-building webinars that highlight instructional tools such as Kaltura, Zoom, and the Canvas Gradebook. From creating engaging media to getting your Gradebook up and running, these tools can help you enrich your online course and your learners’ experiences.

How to Register

You can sign up for a session or one-on-one consultation by visiting our Training & Workshops page. Interested in setting up departmental training? Contact John Braswell at


Tool Helps Tidy Up Canvas Courses

Instructors can use the TidyUP tool to identify and delete unused content in their Canvas courses. The file cleanup tool, which can be enabled in Canvas, scans a course and creates three reports:
  • Files, including the location and size of all files and if they are published or unpublished
  • Folders showing how many files are contained in them and their path within the files area
  • Canvas content such as assignments, quizzes, discussions, and pages
Decorative Image TidyUp logoYou can select individual items or a group of items for deletion. Removing unpublished content from your course makes for a more manageable course experience for instructors and students. Removing empty folders assists in keeping the files area organized. A cleaner course is particularly helpful for instructors performing a quality course review. When the accessibility tool Ally scans course content, it reviews unpublished files, pages, and folders as inaccessible. By using TidyUP to remove this content, you will move closer to a course that is accessible to all students.

For instructions on enabling the tool and getting started with the cleanup process, see our TidyUP Overview support article. If you have any questions, you can submit a ticket, email, or call 850-644-8004.

Hypothesis Annotation Available In OneDrive

Decorative Image Hypothesis logo Hypothesis now allows annotation on PDFs stored in Microsoft Sharepoint and OneDrive. Students can currently use the social annotation tool to annotate public webpages and PDFs stored in Google Drive and Canvas Files. Adding Sharepoint and OneDrive gives students greater access and opportunity to connect with course content and their peers. Hypothesis is intended to help with student engagement, reading comprehension, and the development of critical thinking skills. For more information on how to use the tool with Canvas, view these articles:


Conferences & Events

  • Florida Online Innovation Summit, February 23-24, 2022, and TOPkit Workshop, March 1-3, 2022. Both live virtual events are hosted by the University of Central Florida. Registration is free and open through February 18 for all State University System of Florida and Florida College System participants.
  • OLC Innovate: Education Reimagined, March 28-April 1, 2022, for the virtual conference and April 11-14, 2022, for the onsite conference in Dallas, TX. The conference is presented by Online Learning Consortium and MERLOT. Early bird prices good through February 14, 2022.
  • UPCEA Annual Conference, April 11-14, 2022, Orlando, FL. In-person event presented by the University and Professional Continuing Education Association. Early registration is now open.
  • ISTE Live 22, June 26-29, 2022, in New Orleans, LA. In-person and virtual options presented by the International Society for Technology in Education. Early registration is now open.


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