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The Polymer Pulse - News from PolySciTech
Volume 7  Issue 46
November 23, 2022

PolySciTech Products In Literature

mPEG-PLGA from PolySciTech used in research on the effect of LA:GA Sequencing
During the normal ring-opening polymerization of PLGA, the glycolide monomer typically reacts faster and more readily than the lactide monomer leading to non-random distribution of monomers along the polymer chain. This process competes with transesterification and other reactive processes in polymer manufacturing which act to improve randomness along the chain. Recently, researchers at Purdue University developed a novel method to make small quantities of mPEG-PLGA with precisely controlled monomer distribution. They used mPEG-PLGA (AK010) from PolySciTech (manufactured using conventional bulk-melt ring-opening polymerization) to compare the various batches they had made. Note that, in addition to traditional PLGA products, Akina has recently begun adding products of PLGA with alternating LA:GA based on 3-methylglycolide monomer (e.g., AP279, AP280, AP281).  This research holds promise to provide a more mechanistic understanding of the PLGA sequencing effect on polymer properties. Read more: Yoo, Jin, Dhushyanth Viswanath, and You-Yeon Won. "Strategy for Synthesis of Statistically Sequence-Controlled Uniform PLGA and Effects of Sequence Distribution on Interaction and Drug Release Properties." ACS Macro Letters 10 (2021): 1510-1516.

Print what you want with the latest bioresorbable polymer technology. AKiNAfil™ bioresorbable PLGA polymers reformatted in standardized 1.7 mm filament are available in a variety of lengths. The PLGA polymers are co-formulated with FDA-GRAS and biocompatible acetyltriethylcitrate (ATEC) plasticizer for improved processability and biorelevant degradation properties to be used in a wide array of biomedical applications.

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