Oh people...

11 days ago I wrote to you, saying that over the next week I'd be sharing a number of stories about the background to S P A C E and here I am, 11 days later, having sent not a single thing. 

I mean, I even gave you an opt-out because I didn't want to unnecessarily bombard you with emails! How ironic it all is.

Today then I write to you with so many options about what I could share - while knowing that there's only really one of them that needs to be shared. And of course it's the one that feels a bit sticky, that calls me into vulnerability, that's the least 'clean', and that's laced with an element of fear. 

Because the truth of it is - this programme that I'm inviting you into, this programme that carries such a different price tag to anything I've done before, this programme that starts right now - well it's a programme that has all come together in a matter of weeks.

And yes you read that right. I'm proposing that you make a decision to invest £2,100 of your hard-earned money on a programme that I have brought to life in a matter of weeks. 

Which means I can't tell you that in June when I finished work I knew this is where I was heading. I can't tell you that in January when I decided I was resigning that this was the plan. And I can't even tell you that last November, when I lost Rossi and knew that I needed to create a different, more spacious life for myself, that I knew this is how it would come together.

And that's not all of it...

I can't tell you that this programme's every detail is intricately planned out. 

I can't give you a breakdown of every topic we'll cover, everything you'll do and everything I'll create for you.

I can't assure you of the precise learning outcomes.

I can't give you a beautifully-prepared schedule or promise fancy PDF takeaways.

And I definitely can't take away every last doubt that this is the right time for you.


What I can say?

Every inch of me knows that this is what I'm here to do right now. And whether I do it with three of you, or ten of you or twenty of you, you get all of me (and the continuing evolution of me) and it's going to change your life.

Me bringing you this work is proof that learning to to be available to this world as your truest, most honest (and yes, perhaps most vulnerable) self will facilitate so much magic in your world - beyond anything you could imagine.

Investing in yourself is the most important thing you'll ever do - not just for you but for the whole ecosystem of people who exist around you too.

Making a choice in favour of this does mean making a choice against something else. Being brutally honest, the question here is not what do I lose - but what might I gain.

You don't have £350 a month sat there in a pot just waiting to be spent.

Your decision about jumping on board is going to be sticky. You're challenging the status quo, you're about to create change and, as I spoke to the other day, we are experts at getting in our own way.


I'm sure you can see why selecting this as the story to be shared feels sticky. And of course there's a voice that says I need to present as having all my shit sorted, and that the rapidity of the container's evolution is a secret I should keep under wraps. Of course there's a story running that says I should be able to give you every one of the things that I've said quite clearly I can't. Of course there's a narrative that asks who in their right mind would choose to sign up knowing the truth.

And yet it is all absolutely what I need you to know. Because I am secure in the knowledge that the truth of this programme's manifestation is not only enough, but it's a primary source of its value.

This programme is a direct result of the content within it. And I am a living testimonial of the shift that's about to take place for those who are coming on board.

It's been developing within me for years. It's been developed into this format in weeks. And that's as a direct result of similar investments that I've chosen to make in myself.


Know then that as I remind you of the details of S P A C E, it will be impossible to rationalise and logic your way around it. I couldn't do it with my own investments, and I'm not asking you to either. I didn't have money sat there waiting to be spent (I'd just quit my job!) and I didn't know where I'd end up as a result.

Am I glad I trusted my gut? Hell yes.

Every single person who's come on board has had to make a choice to prioritise their own growth over something else. Everyone single person has chosen unknown over known. Every single person has been unsure, and has had questions. Every single person has made a gut or heart-led decision.

The answers I'm reading to the intake questionnaire about intentions for S P A C E are beautifully honest and vulnerable. They're written from the heart.

The mind is always the last thing to come on board.


I've said it before - I know that there are more of you for whom this is right. 

I know that you're sitting there, unsure about talking to me because you don't want to feel put on the spot, to ask awkward questions, to be seen saying no. I certainly didn't.  

I have been you. I am you. And this is here for you.

We start tomorrow but I'm keeping the doors open until 8pm Sunday. And I'm available tomorrow afternoon and Saturday morning for questions.

And yep, you do only come in after a face-to-face conversation with me. But I'm here to hold you gently in that.

There's no programme comms opt-out this time because this is the last chance you get.

Here are the programme's details as a reminder.

To ask questions, you just email me here.

Sending all the love,
Lisa xx

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