S  P  A  C  E

Hello all,

I said I'd be back not too long after last week's email and here we are - with the launch of a brand new programme, a brand new container that (if you hadn't guessed already) happens to be called S P A C E.

And I say 'happens to be called' but of course there's nothing accidental about it at all.

For years now I've been teaching a practice that calls on you to find space within yourself and space within your world. I've been creating spaces both indoors and outdoors (and online) that call you back to yourself. I've been writing to you about my own journey towards a life lived in ever more spaciousness.

I've been doing all of this and more. And in a sense, it's all been about following the breadcrumbs of my soul. Breadcrumbs that today lead me here - full circle and back to SPACE.

Because, right now, this programme is everything I'm meant for. And as I write this letter, I know in my bones that for some of you out there it's everything you're meant for too.

That email from last week. You know which was the most clicked link? The one about signs that fear might be running your life. And let's be honest, we all know that voice don't we. The one that says 'you can't because...', 'you shouldn't because...',  'you must because...'.

Of course fear is your brain's way of keeping you safe. But how often is that manifesting as keeping you safe from your own deepest desires?

S P A C E provides an opportunity for change. For finally doing things differently. For acting upon that itch, that niggle that there is something more to be had from this life - even if you don't yet know exactly where that takes you.

Over the course of 6 months, S P A C E unpacks limiting beliefs around perfection, productivity, self-worth and agency, and supports you in developing an embodied state of confidence in your own deep-down sense of what it is you need from your life.

And embodied is important, because it's one thing to be able to run the knowledge through in your mind, and another altogether to have your body agree. To have your whole self deliver the courage to make decisions that truly serve you. And that same self trust that every next step you need to take, no matter how logical, sensible or 'approvable of', is the right one.


the embers as they burn down⁠
towards the sea⁠
the light as it surrenders another day⁠
to the dark⁠
the quiet silence⁠
the opening out of everything⁠ in a moment⁠
a moment that’s there and then gone

With this email, with this launch, with this container - there is a moment.

A moment that is fleeting, here and then gone. A moment in which your soul, your heart, your gut calls to you and says 'yes'.

The question lies in whether or not you heed that call.

Because in many ways, S P A C E is a call to arms for your soul (as we all know it really isn't your head that should be running this show).

And as I finish up this mail? I kid you not, this from Sharon Van Etten is playing in my ears:

"I can't wait till we're afraid of nothing
I can't wait till we hide from nothing"

S P A C E is a 6-month container that starts on September 23rd. All the details are available on the brand new website (!) and I would love the opportunity to talk to you about it if you have the tiniest inkling it might be for you.

All the love,
Lisa xx
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