Hello all,

Happy Saturday :) If, that is, Saturday is able to be differentiated from Monday, Wednesday, Thursday...

Being honest, I've found this email a hard one to write. I mean, I did write it - last weekend but then I hit such a wall of fatigue I couldn't sit at the computer long enough to finish it! And now I come to it again today it's from a slightly different place.  A more subdued place really - and I struggle with that because it's not a particularly jolly thing to write, and yet it's the truth. And if I can't show up here as that truth then I'm not really sure what I'm teaching...

So that is where I am today, and maybe you're there too. Or you could be somewhere much jollier (I hope so!).

When you stop to look at it, what you realise that it's all so transient - so attaching to any one thing, any one state is pretty pointless. But that doesn't come easy! And to let it all be of course, you've got to be working with a pretty solid foundation to begin with. So that's where  I'm investing my effort today - on that foundation, which for me is that deep connection to inner self.

Anyway, this is becoming a blog post! Which is no good because I already wrote a blog post (also last week)...  It's perhaps not too far removed from what I've just talked about here though - but a bit more 'call to arms', urging us towards the essential act of cultivating vitality during these times.

I hope that it's useful/interesting and, as ever, I'd love for you to let me know how you're doing and how it lands for you. 

Now, what else do I have for you today? A few notes on WRITE, a little more on REST and then a few interesting reads/listens that are not too distant from the content on the blog in many ways and that I've enjoyed recently. 

I wanted to thank those of you who reached out after the last mail to express an interest in joining WRITE :) We've got half a class at the moment but I will need those other spots filled to be able to go ahead so if you're on the fence, maybe that's your sign to jump off it!

Here's what two of the session's existing attendees have to say about it... 

"I didn’t know what to really expect when I joined, but "WRITE night” turned out to be one of the rare gems of 2020.  A  cherished space to just turn up, be myself and to experience real human connection and understanding within the group. Little lightbulb moments of insight keep working and growing in between sessions and I now think of it as a sort of yoga practice with pen and paper. As in all her classes, Lisa is there, in the group, holding the whole process in her kind, real and straightforward way. Definitely one to keep for 2021"

"The sessions provide a supportive, safe, space to explore, share and learn. The content can be challenging, pushing us to examine ourselves/our beliefs/current context in more depth than we'd get to by ourselves. I learn something every time, even from the sessions I don’t feel I relate to as readily as things often seep in (or up) slowly over the following few weeks."

If you want in, or are interested in a chat about it, drop me a mail to let me know. If you're still not sure about journalling, perhaps have a look at this piece on 'getting it down'...

I've been back teaching fortnightly yin sessions since the beginning of the year and do you know, even in what feels like a very stagnant time, there's SUCH a need for this kind of still and quiet work. The time out from the chaos, the nervous system reset, the physical release... A student kindly described it this week as being "priceless during these weird days" and I couldn't agree more.

The next one is coming up on the 26th Feb (but if like me, you forget which week is which, pop it in your calendar as a recurring event!).


This is a list that has grown a little since first drafting this mail last week but there are some truly great things here so  do check out those that call to you, and I hope you feel a little spark a joy in your heart as a result.


Well, that one got LONG! If you made it to the end thank you, and do drop me a line to let me know what resonated with you.

Back in touch soon.  
With very much love to you all,
Lisa xx

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