Hello all,

How are we? It's a while since I've had that many responses to that question actually - perhaps it's a while since I've asked it. Know that it's always asked genuinely and responses are ever welcome. I really would like to know.

Here there's been change. And while I don't want to overstate that (plus tying it up in words would seem imprudent right now, and certainly premature) - I don't want to understate it either. I know that's vague and uncharacteristic of these letters but that's the truth of where we are.

Suffice it to say that things are different as I write to you today. An important piece of me has come undone and I'm free to move forward in a brand new way. It's the nature of this work really - things change. Parts of us die leaving room for other parts to rise up in their place.

What's rising up for me is a different sense of trust in myself, a different knowledge of truth. All my familiar landmarks have gone and yet that's more than ok - even good.

Here's some food for thought for you off the back of it all:

  • If there was no failure, what could you do?
  • If there was no wrong, what could you do?
Isn't the answer that you could do anything? All the things you've previously told yourself you couldn't? 

Which is about as close to the thing as I'm willing to get today but I believe it's enough - because the world of possibilities that presents, well it's endless...
"Collectively today we are wrapped up in rope. We are constrained by needing to know. By needing to control. By the fallacy of perfection. We are not available to possibility, to truth. 

The moment to change is now.. The time to step forward, into beyond, is now. 

This is what I'm here for."
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No articles today but an invitation instead.

[I'm loathed to give you a schedule that I'll inevitably end up breaking but perhaps we might anticipate the links once a month and a letter twice a month? Maybe...]

I'm being called towards creating a session that's called VOICES. As with many things in my creative world it's been around for a while (I'm laughing as I tell you that things around here can sometimes move very slooooooowly - it's nothing I'd have ever expected of myself but it's actually just perfect, an antidote to a world hellbent on speed) but the need to put it down here today is real.

"In a voiced community, we all flourish" writes Terry Tempest Williams and this I know to be true. In denying our voices, we deny ourselves. And in denying ourselves, whether we realise it or not, we are also denying everyone else. 

In VOICES we will dare to bring ourselves to the table. We dare to explore what it might mean to show up. And we do it with words.

Because here's a truth - many, many, many, many of us have a voice that we're afraid to use. Have a self that we're afraid to show. AND IT DOESN'T SERVE A SINGLE SOUL.

VOICES will be an honest and open space that is held and curated for the benefit of all. I can't give you exact topics nor a specific structure (though it's likely that we'll use a piece of writing as a jumping off point for our discussion) but I can promise it will be discourse and conversation - not soapboxing, gossip or chat. And there'll be no room for baring egos or proving anything (or anyone) right or wrong.

We will talk, discuss, reflect. We'll learn together. We'll show up, together. We'll do differently, together.

It's free (which, I have to be clear, is in no way a reflection of what I anticipate its value to be - it just feels right for now). 

It's monthly.

And it's online.

So now it's over to you. Are you intrigued? Would you like to join me? Answer me here.

Lisa xx
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