You know that feeling... when life comes at you full throttle and you lose yourself for a while?

That was yesterday. Back to life with a bump as I came out of Green Man and re-entered a pretty intense contract marketing project that's been ongoing for a while. Sitting in front of a screen all day, getting super frustrated, shoulders up around ears, jaw clenched... 

There's a voice I know that wants to tell me that this is normal, inevitable, part of life. That there isn't time for lunch, there isn't time for a walk, there isn't time for sleep, there's only time for graft. It's message is very clear: "put your head down, de-prioritise anything that remotely resembles self-care and you'll just have to pick up the pieces (and there will definitely be pieces) later".

But there's another voice too. A voice that I've been actively nurturing, and that has steadily become the stronger of the two. A voice of resourced-ness that changes everything.

This voice says "I love you, you know". "You're capable of getting this done, but you're equally capable of looking after yourself while you do. More than that, you're worth looking after yourself while you do and this is now a non-negotiable in you moving forward here." 

Because there's climbing the mountain with no kit, not enough fuel and everyone's gear on your back. Or there's climbing the mountain with the right equipment, food and water, and a team of people who've got your back.

Except **newsflash** that team of people is you - or at the very least it starts with you. I've been saying it for a while - how can you serve anyone else if you're not serving yourself? How can you expect to operate well in the world if your inner world is falling apart?

Fast forward to today. Today I got up to give a bit to the project. Then I went out and gave a bit to myself. In writing this to you I'm also carving out space for me and in different ways I'll continue in that vein from hereon-in.

Navigating this life, finding the space to find a way home. This is what we do.


We're at 50% occupancy now on upcoming foraging event FORAGE & FLOW, meaning there's room for just FIVE more of you to jump on board.

I'd really, really encourage you to go read the web page to get a real feel for what we're doing because this is so much more than a yoga class - in truth it's another mini retreat. A gathering together in community to connect with the nature that surrounds us day-to-day, to bring ourselves back home, to eat some wonderful food (and this time to learn some new skills too). It's an intentional act of self-care in my book. 


And... if you need something this week - a bit of oxygen in the tank - we'll be RESTing come Friday, and park practising on Sunday. You can join me for either - or gift yourself both ;) Bookings are in the usual place...

So much love for you all.
Lisa xx

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi


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