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Hello folks :)

I last wrote to you on Tuesday, unveiling what I'd been alluding to for a while - my new container S P A C E. And I'm back again this afternoon even though it's not been that long, because it's important that we understand what I'm doing here, and that you really do get the fullest opportunity to feel into whether or not it might be for you.

Over the next week or so then I'll be sharing various stories, each of which serves to explain a little more about S P A C E - both what it is, and why it is. 

[Of course if you absolutely know that SPACE isn't for you right now you can click here, and while you'll stay on the letters list, I won't send you any more about this particular programme in the run-up to it beginning.]

Because yes, as I said earlier in the week, moments are fleeting but your moment of opportunity here gets to last a little while longer than just the time it took you to read that last letter.

That picture above is something I shared on Instagram, during a week where I started every day with a dip in the sea.

I shared it to my stories with the words "I never want to be anywhere else" (just look at those arms!) but what I came to realise was that there's a very particular place that I know when I'm in the water, or out with the trees, or walking in the hills...

And that place - that S P A C E - well, it's complete magic. And it's that that I want to keep with me as I head on out into the world, rather than never wanting to leave the location where I find it.

Because it puts everything into perspective. Shines a light on truth. Clarifies both what is needed now and what is needed next. Overflows with opportunity.

It's a place I think most people entering into this programme will know. But an experience that maybe isn't realised as being a reminder of something that already exists within. 


Because despite that space, clarity and opportunity absolutely, categorically  existing within you - in the day-to-day of life it very often gets lost.⁠

Moment after moment, we forget who we are. We get lost in 'all of the things'. We suppress our own desires. We make ourselves small. We diminish and undermine, and second guess, and down talk. We disappear.

And all of this behaviour... well it's habitual, happening time and time again. 

Yet we tell ourselves these stories about how it just needs to be this way for now. Whether that 'for now' is today, this week, this month, this year...

"Yeah, I can manage this", we say. "It won't be forever", we affirm. "I'll come back to that when I've got more time", we promise.

But actually we just continue to defer our desires, our needs, our hopes and our dreams. 

We continue to defer ourselves. And we do it indefinitely at that.

Let's get back to the piece about the outdoors...

Because the people who come into this programme, I believe, will already have an affinity for the outdoors - they know themselves to be somehow truer there. More vital, more connected, more seen, more whole...

The act of being outside connects them to that place where life seems to open up. Where there's a clearer sense of self, where there's SO much more time, where there's a tangible sense of opportunity.

And this is an identifier with regards your fit for the container. But it's also an integral part of the work...

Group sessions

Three of the group sessions will take us into the outdoors. We might get down to the coast, walk in the hills, or take a practice surrounded by the trees. We'll use the time to contemplate some of what we've been working with - giving it a little more room to breathe and deepening that connection to the innate space that lives within, a centrally important space that allows for the embodying of new truths.

Private sessions
All of the private sessions are open to being scheduled outdoors as you wish - maybe a walk in the park, around the barrage or a simple sit-down in the garden. The weather does not have to be perfect for any of these things.

Each month, our work together is accompanied by a series of practices that I will record and share. These will develop over time of course, and be matched to needs of those involved. I can tell you now though that they will include walking meditations, movement practices to be taken outdoors, and indoor practices to connect you back to what you already know - that we are nature and it is us.

Because that's important. And in knowing it (in body, mind and soul) we get to release from our buttoned down expectations of what we get to be - and really step into the truth of what we were meant to be.

So here's your call to action.

If you recognise yourself in these words, write to me.

Doing so in no way commits you to signing up - but it does allow you to explore. To ask a question or two. To feel out the possibilities.

I can tell you now that I won't be selling to you, so think of it instead as a process of clarification - a way in which you get to say, "Yes, I see myself a little in this but I'm not totally sure. Is it for me?". 

We can talk it through, you can ask all the questions. Truthfully, the container only works if it has the right people inside - so the conversation works both ways...


S P A C E is a 6-month container that starts on September 23rd. If you want a reminder of the details, they're available on the brand new website (!) but really, if you've even the smallest sparkle of insight that says maybe it's for you, let's talk.

All the love,
Lisa xx

[And remember, if you really don't want to hear any more about S P A C E this month, click here and this will be the last such letter you see.]

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