I realised yesterday that while I've always (to date) referred to this email as a newsletter, it's really more of a letter, right? A telling of stuff, infinitely more than a selling of stuff. And with content that inevitably reflects a piece of my (normally recent) personal process. I do wonder at times though whether that's indulgent of me. Whether it marks me out as being self-absorbed, self-involved, selfish...

Of course that's my inner critic talking. And it came to light yesterday because I'd had 'newsletter' on my list and yet as I sat down to write I drew a blank about what to say. Brain kicked in of course... helpfully suggesting that I talk about September's foraging event, or this week's REST session. Suggesting that I sell. But body said no and we came to a standstill with my system all locked up yelling at me that "newsletter was on the list today - it needs to get done".

I stared at the screen for a while. Mindless, uninspired staring. Then I got up and had a bath.

Created s  p  a  c  e.

And the letter began to write itself.

How much of this life do we force? Power through? Get done? Tick off? And how often do we get stuck, only to dig ourselves in, steadfast in our belief that there is no other way?

It is SO sticky as a pattern - the productive self being the valuable self. And yet at the same time it's entirely futile - like a tree refusing to shed its leaves, or a wave refusing to break. You can't even imagine.

Allow me to repeat myself from the last letter:


"That thing the nature of which is totally unknown to you is usually what you need to find, and finding it is a matter of getting lost." 
~ Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide To Getting Lost.

So how do we get lost? Today I offer the suggestion that in getting lost in our bodies we might hear a different tune to dance to. Which means that right here, right now we stop and try the following...


Allow your eyes come to a close, your hand to lift to your heart. Just sitting there a moment your heart warms a little, wakes up a touch. Through the hand on your heart, you remember you have a body. And that that body has a wisdom. You start to pay attention to that wisdom, listening to hear what it might have to say. And then - as you take your next breath - you make it a big one. Holding it a moment at the top, and opening the mouth in readiness not just to exhale but to let out the sound that's caught up there in your body just itching to be released. And as you let it move through, you understand that it's just the tip of the iceberg and you repeat the breath - and the sound - again. And again, and again, and again - for as many times as your body needs. For as long as it takes for you to know that you have been heard.

And from here? You move on into the truth of whatever comes next - it might not be what you wanted, intended, or think you should be doing right now but who knows, perhaps it's just that little bit more true for you, and more life-giving as a result..

Everything SHIFTS remember? But only once you've given it the necessary S P A C E .

Here's what's new today:

There was mention of this last time but it's now taking more and more shape with each day. I will be launching a programme come September/October that presents the opportunity for a small group of people (we're talking 3 or 4) to come together and work with me in a three-month container that is at the same time collective and individual. We'll be looking at internal narratives, the fallacy that is perfection, the idea of less being more and, of course, carving out s p a c e.  And all of this, as I said last time, with the end goal of helping you keep faithfully putting one foot in front of the other to find what it is you need to find.

I'd love to talk to you about it if you've got an inkling of interest. It'll be part online, part in-person, part individual, part-group and definitely somewhat outdoors. Email me :)

Tonight, 7pm. If the exercise earlier moved something in you it's advised! Come along live or book and let me know you want a recording.

GATHER | F O R A G E  &  F L O W
Remember SALUTE THE SEA? Well in September, GATHER comes back but this time we're focused on the land with a one-off event in partnership with Forager Cardiff

Broken into its component parts, F O R A G E  &  F L O W is a foraging workshop, movement practice and lunch – all undertaken outdoors, within our home city of Cardiff, in the beauty that is Pontcanna Fields. Experienced as a whole though you'll realise that there’s so much more on offer here – a depth of connection to our surroundings, and a real and lasting reminder of how we and nature are inextricably one. 

Places are limited to 10 so that everyone gets the most out of the day, and there are currently 7 spaces remaining. Check out the details and book if you'd like to join us.

Every Sunday we practice outdoors in Llandaff Fields - and in July we planted 60 more trees in the forest as a result. We'll be back this Sunday at 9am, bookings are all online.



Things to read/watch/listen to...

OK... over and out for today. I'm off to party in a field for 4 days next week so will be back in touch here in a couple of weeks time :)
Lisa xx
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