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Wow! 2022. What a year! We have seen God’s blessing as we have pursued our mission to train and send the next generation to the nations. Our big, God-sized dream is to be part of a movement that sends 10,000 students to the nations by 2040.

Double your Donation!

As we wind down 2022, you have the opportunity to give to SALT Next Gen Ministries and receive a tax deduction. In addition, we have a donor who is pledging $25,000 in matching funds toward year-end giving. That means that whatever you give now and before this coming Sunday night WILL BE DOUBLED - up to $25,000!

What we accomplished in 2022…

We took some big first steps toward that goal this year. Our Cultural Encounter Experiences opened the eyes of over a hundred students who participated in these half-day tours in our ministry area here in Nashville.

We trained and sent 12 students on two G.O. Teams to two countries in the Middle East. We hosted an Advance Team from Georgia of 17 high school students who came and served in our ministry area.

We trained and sent 5 Summer Serve students who interned with missionaries in four different nations over the summer months. We trained and sent a Mission Corp student to England who left in January and returned in December. We even hosted our first crop of Gap Year students, 5 of whom successfully completed our 15-Week Global Worker Training Semester during the fall. They will be deployed to Germany this spring!

What’s ahead in 2023…

What’s in store for 2023? We have already recruited 5 college students for summer ministry and 3 youth groups for spring summer mission trips! We have 5 G.O. Teams planned and 12 Summer Serve locations available. We already have churches and Christian schools who have scheduled Cultural Encounter Experiences in 2023 as well.