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The year has turned and now we are in the time of gathering and receiving. 

It's time to harvest what we have sown and to select seeds for next year's harvest. I'd love it if you'd join me, this next year on my new weekly radio show on Unity Online Radio. Together we can sew and plant  a year of beauty, mystery and abundance.

Kabbalah and the Divine Feminine.
A one-day workshop, this coming Saturday, 1st September at Atlantis Bookshop, London.

“In the beginning the Elohim created the Heavens and the Earth.”

Elohim, the Divine Mother, is present throughout the Bible but, as part of the oral Perennial Wisdom Tradition, she is hidden. She is meant to be hidden — to be discovered only by those who are ready to understand her power.

The Mystery Traditions teach that the Elohim created the net on which life is woven. We can weave with her, or create holes, as we choose but everything we do affects the net.

This weaving of the human soul - darns and all - is revealed throughout the Hebrew Testament in stories of love, hate, adultery, deception, betrayal, murder, compassion and redemption —a blockbuster told by more than 20 generations of feisty and powerful women, every one of whom still has something to teach us today. 

I will be weaving the story of Sophia, the feminine wisdom tradition from Shekhinah to Mary Magdalene through the filters of Judaic mysticism, history and social customs to see what we can still learn from the Matriarchs and Heroines today. Each of them is an archetype within us and can show us our strengths – and our shadow.

FOUR places left as of Tuesday afternoon. 

Men are most welcome at this workshop – it is about the feminine not the female!

“Maggy seamlessly blends an impressive mix of scholarship, practicality and mysticism.” David Goddard, author of Sacred Magic of the Angels.

Location: Atlantis Book Shop, 49A Museum Street, London WC1A.    
Date: Saturday 1stSeptember 2018.

Cost: £50.

Enquiries and booking:
Tel: 0207 405 2120.

Maggy’s Kabbalah website is
On Monday 15th October I start my new weekly radio show on Unity Radio (link to the station here). It will be called The Mystery School and will focus on the Western Mystery Traditions, the Divine Feminine, healing and prosperity. Oh, and a bit of comedy too.
The show is live at 8pm UK time but is also recorded and available on podcast from the website.
I'll be available to take questions on the show - you can contact Unity by telephone or Skype. It's going to be a wonderful opportunity for me and I am so glad that my work will be available world-wide.
These last two summers I have become a butterfly breeder (goodness knows why, they never write, phone or visit :-) ) And this year I managed to raise 35 Peacock butterflies as well as a dozen or so Painted Ladies and Tortoiseshells.

“I had no idea how accurate this reading could be, or how powerful. Maggy and Lion held a big shiny mirror up to me and gently showed me where I am and my potential for moving forward. They showed me a big, detailed and coherent picture that contributed more to my self-knowledge than anything I’ve ever done before and I now have the tools I need to move forward with clarity and confidence. Also, there were quite a few giggles during the Skype session. Always a good thing.”—Cheryl Smith.

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