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Journal 200

Joe Biden with Barack Obama

This week — Philip Pullman on Paradise Lost, hermit crabs, a shipwreck in Oregon, and the history of facial recognition.

If you only read one thing — The New York Times on Joe Biden is worth the time.


Is a Good-Enough Candidacy Good Enough for Joe Biden? | The New York Times | Politics

On the eve of the Iowa Caucus, a look at Joe Biden's candidacy, defined perhaps more by who he's not, than by who he is.

The Sound and the Story | The Public Domain Review | Culture

Phillip Pullman writes in praise of John Milton's Paradise Lost.

Consider the Hermit Crab | The London Review of Books | Science

A story marvelling at the hermit crab, possibly responsible for eating Amelia Earhart on an island in the West Pacific, a species of which the oldest "live to more than a hundred, and grow to be wider than three feet across: too large to fit in a bathtub, exactly the right size for a nightmare."

The Secret History of Facial Recognition | Wired | Technology

A look at the ingenious, secretive, technical research undertaken in the 1960s on what now seem ludicrously underpowered machines, that formed some of the earliest steps in what would eventually become the field of facial recognition software.

The Ghost Hunter | The Atavist | Life

The story of how the shipwreck of a galleon laden with treasure in 1690s Oregon continued to capture people's attention centuries after it was lost.


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