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By Peyton Garcia | Wednesday, July 20, 2022
☀️🌧️ 94° / 🌙 65°

Good Wednesday to you, Denver!

Here’s something neat to get you through Hump Day 🐪

Last week, local birder Eric DeFonso spotted (or rather, heard) an ultra rare Yellow Rail specimen at Rio Grande’s Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge. And when I say rare, I mean the fowl hasn’t been spotted in Colorado since 1906 — more than 100 years ago! (Though apparently you can find it other places.)

Needless to say, the discovery sent the local birding community into quite the flutter. Listen to DeFonso’s recording of the critter — you may never get another chance! 🐤

The Yellow-breasted Rail, so rare I could only find a drawing of it. (Artist Robert Havell / image courtesy of Heritage Art / Heritage Images / Getty Images)

What Denver's Talking About

🩺 Pressure’s on for Colorado abortion clinics
It’s been almost four weeks since the U.S. Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, eliminating constitutional protections over the right to an abortion. And Colorado, one of about 20ish states offering abortion sanctuary, is already feeling the strain. Planned Parenthood of the Rockies reports that wait times have surged from only a few days to a few weeks for appointments. [5280]

📚 PSA: No, the Central Library is still not fully open
But that doesn’t stop people from wandering in every day and asking to peruse the building. Though currently undergoing extensive renovations, a portion of the first floor of the library reopened to the public last July. The rest of the library (floors 2-4), however, is still off limits and will remain so until at least 2024. [Westword]

👏 Meet Denver’s new council president
Though, you probably know her already … This week, Denver City Council unanimously elected District 3 representative Jamie Torres to be the new council president (typically a two-year term). Torres was elected to council in 2019 and is replacing outgoing president Stacie Gilmore. [Denverite]

Sponsored by Colfax Ave Business Improvement District

Celebrate Colfax Ave’s Local Businesses This Weekend!

Independents Day is all about the local, independent businesses that make Colfax, well, Colfax. Enjoy specials from 30+ businesses and pop-ups from artists and performers all weekend long. Grab some friends and complete the scavenger hunt, where you’ll tour Colfax’s public art and double your points if you support businesses along the way. Choose your adventure at

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Local Chatter: More On The Great Scooter Debate

You’re not tired of scooter talk, are you? Good! Because City Cast listener Nate E. wrote to us after hearing our recent episode on The Great Scooter Debate to share some commentary that we found extra thought-provoking. Nate says:

I'm an avid biker and am part of the biking community that advocates, supports, and pushes the city to build bike lanes.

I also know that the city of Denver negotiated with two scooter companies to earn contracts with the city and that there were certain requirements.

These scooter companies need the bike lanes that advocates have fought for to be successful. And the biking community (and city at large) want more bike lanes.

My solution? On this next contract with the city, why not force the companies to pay a fee or tax that would go into a fund to build more bike lanes?

It'a win for everyone. The city gets more resources to expand and build bike lanes. The scooter companies get a more scooter-friendly city. And bikers get more lanes and would see scooter users as allies and not competitors.”

We like where your head's at, Nate! 🧠

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Today On City Cast Denver

"Tap into the things that you loved to do as a teenager before alcohol was the main driver of social stuff ... get in the car and cruise around, go to Sonic and get a dessert, sit in a park, watch the sunset and just talk. Don't forget how fun that kind of stuff is." — Bree Davies

How to Have an Awesome Sober Night in Denver
If you’ve ever been guilty of thinking parties sans booze are a total drag, this one’s for you. It’s host Bree Davies’ sweet 16 sober-versary! 🎉 And today she brings friend and fellow non-drinker Keith Garcia on the show to talk about how to find fun in Denver without a drink in your hand. 

Get the (sober) scoop

That’s all she wrote, folks.

May the rest of your week be a smooth slide into the weekend, and if you happen to spot any super rare, thought-to-be-extinct animals, pleeeease send me an email! 🙏 🦕

Let’s do this again tomorrow,


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