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Overall things are going great, but the bugs inside our wallet might have caused some concern among our investors.

The development of easy installers took longer than first anticipated, but through hard work, they got done and published. Thanks to those efforts anyone has been able to install Iguana since the launch.

Iguana is still in beta, however, and people have had a lot of issues, and some have struggled to send and receive Komodo. These obstacles are temporary as the bugs will be fixed as we are stubbornly moving forward.

To combat this problem we hired a technical support team. You can also except a much more stable Iguana release within one week.
Support Has Arrived
Komodo got just added to Bittrex. We are now trading on a number of exchanges, and we have ensured a liquid KMD market.

During the first weeks, KMD has had an impressive volume considering it was not listed on a more established exchange. It will be interesting to see how the KMD volume and price develop from now on.

We are now also listed on, which helps to keep track of KMD markets and the price development.
Trade KMD
The blockchain went into FFA (free-for-all mining) and out without incident. That is what caused some issues the other day. We now have a respectable 100 to 200 ksol mining from komodopool, and it is seamlessly mining blocks alongside the notaries.

This separation into two entirely different classes of miners makes it a lot more secure as neither a majority of notaries, nor a majority of hashrate will enable traditional attacks. Both a majority of notaries and majority of hashrate is needed, and the problem for the attacker is that all the notary mined blocks are signed by the notary. So any subverted notary is identifying themselves with every block.

We are looking forward to publishing a new beta release which will fix many of the wallet issues we have had. Here is how our lead developer jl777 summed up the situation:

"Soon we should have an iteration on the windows wallet, which in testing is doing much better in full mode. The basilisk servers now have 10x the capacity of before."

Here are Satinder Grewal's development goals for Iguana Desktop Application in February and expectations for March.

  1. Bug fixes and general improvements to the GUI.
  2. Support to import a private key into the iguana wallet. This feature will let users see their REVS token balance.
  3. Enable options to add Assetchains and PAX chains in Full Mode and Basilisk Mode.
  4. Allow Assechains and PAX chains to be used in Native Mode.
Satinder's focus will move towards the decentralized exchange GUI after these features are considered stable enough. It will allow Iguana users to do atomic swaps between the supported coins. Satinder currently expects this feature to be developed in March.

The REVS token has been distributed to those who held BTCD before the snapshot on January 15th. There were two ways to get it, 1) hold it in your local BTCD wallet, or 2) swap through the ICO site.

If you had it in your local wallet, then you can check your balance by inserting your BTCD address to REVS explorer. To gain access to your funds you need to export the BTCD privatekey with a command 'dumpprivkey'.

If you swapped before the snapshot, then you can check your balance by inserting your KMD address to the REVS explorer. You can use the same seed to get access to your holdings.

The REVS sits safely there on your wallet, but for now, there is no way easy way to move it, and there is no market where you could sell or buy REVS. Some future release of Iguana will be supporting REVS until then just note that it's there and wait for further instructions.

REVS Explorer

Read about a new coin that was created with Komodo's assetchains technology. The Key/Value token is decentralized storage solution, and it was needed to solve some DEX and PAX related development issues.

This new blockchain showcases the power of Komodo platform. As our technology matures, it becomes easier and easier to add new functionality. With assetchains, it is just a matter of minutes to spawn a new blockchain.

The technology of the KV token is very innovative, and this new sub-project has a great future ahead of it. We need an active community and an active team to bring our projects forward - including this one. Our lead developer jl777 simply coded the back-end of the KV token and is now expecting others to brainstorm further how the technology could be used.

If you are excited about Komodo, SuperNET, and our projects, please get involved!

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