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To receive KMD on January 31st 3 pm UTC, you will have to request it through our ICO website. Log in, and you will see a tab called 'payout', go there and follow the instructions.

This payment request process ensures that every investor has successfully saved their seed, and can access their investment after the distribution happens.

The payouts will occur in batches and are done manually. After you have made the request, you will just have to wait until we do another payout. You can check your address balance from our block explorer, and after you have received the KMD, you can access it through our wallet.

The wallet is in beta testing, and we are working hard to get all the bugs fixed for the KMD distribution.

Request Payout
Last Tuesday we published the beta version of our long waited Iguana app. Everyone is welcome to join the testing on #iguana channel, and our team is busy fixing the bugs.

You can find the beta release from our GitHub. Note that we are testing the EasyDEX side, not the Iguana multiwallet.

There are three different modes you can use with Komodo:
  • Basilisk, the lightweight mode without blockchain download
  • Full mode, which uses the Iguana daemon
  • Native mode, which uses the Komodod daemon

The native mode has the most bugs, and is not available for Windows yet, and thus should not be used with real funds. We focus our efforts to get the full mode fully working for the KMD distribution date.

The difference between the full mode and native mode is that native mode supports the private Z-transactions as well as the normal transparent T-transactions.

Once we have a stable v1.0 release we will publish the download links on our website.
Iguana Beta Release

Our developer Vanbreuk gave an update about his efforts to enable SuperNET assets to be withdrawn to their independent blockchain via MultiGateway technology. As many might already know, jl777 has already created all the assets with the assetchains. The assets have dPoW protection and on-demand block generation.

Read the Update

Our Slack is busier than ever, and if you want to be among the first to learn about the latest developments, you should be there.

Recently jl777 conducted an atomic swap while both users were using the basilisk mode. As previously mentioned, Iguana has three different modes, and because of this, there are also nine different scenarios how an atomic swap could happen. The basilisk <-> basilisk swap is the most technically challenging of them all.

To solve some PAX and DEX related issues we needed a way to store date decentrally. It didn't take long for us to have a new coin that has this function. The coin is called KV, and its name refers to key/value data. For further information read the developer update about it.

Things are happening faster than many of us can keep up, but we try to summarise them in this newsletter, so keep reading!

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