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Komodo Newsletter
The Komodo ICO is here!

You can login to our ICO site and follow the instructions. The ICO will last until November 20th. By depositing on the first day you will get a 25 % bonus. The first bonus tier will last 24 hours, until October 16th, 3PM UTC.

Earlier we had announced that we would be accepting investments from angel investors. The result was a success as we raised 500 BTC from them. All the ICO investments can be seen in our multisig address.
Even though the Komodo ICO just started, the develoment began some time ago. We already have a testnet, we use the Zcash beta codebase, and the test notary nodes are creating successfull group transactions.

Our lead developer jl777 routinely updates the open source Komodo code to github. Check it out! He also writes updates, which are published as Komodo Development Blog. So far there have been 19 posts. Here are some key ones:

Komodo Testnet Launch
Iguana's relationship with Komodo
Notary nodes and notarization protection
Node Network and the Notary Node Election Problem
Komodo's capacity for transparent and private transactions
Notary mining wars – and how to avoid them
Assetchain Alpha Release
The dPoW Development To Do List
Anyone can get elected as a notary node! In total there will be 64 notary nodes, and those will receive subsidies from the ICO funds until the system becomes self-sustaining.

To apply for election and to track all the candidates we have created website. If you would like to run a node yourself we highly recommend you to setup a test notary node, join #notarynode channel in SuperNET Slack for more info.
Komodo Election Site
The KMD supply is fixed, but the amount of capital we receive is not. Thus there is no way to set an exchange rate for BTC/KMD until the ICO has ended.

We made a "KMD calculator" so everyone can speculate how much KMD they would receive under different scenarios. Take a look!
Download Calculator
Development Blog
Steemit Articles
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