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The ICO bonus decreases very soon! More precisely 3PM UTC October 23th (today).

In this newsletter we will lay out the development that has happened. The earlier you invest the higher the risk is, and as we move closer to the end of the ICO the more clear the picture gets.

Thus far we have raised 2000 BTC, which has secured Komodo's development! The primarily use of funds is to ensure the dPoW is functioning long in the future. The more funding we get the more we can allocate towards development and a bigger team.

More info about ICO funds and their use can be found from here and here.
There will be two teams working on two separete GUIs. First there's the Boogieman's team that is working on the Iguana GUI, and then there is Satinder Grewal who is working on an EasyDEX GUI.

Through the Iguana GUI Komodo can be used in its transparent mode (normal transactions). Through Satinder's GUI the Komodo's anonymous features can be used as well.
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The Notary Node operators and jl777 has been making great progress! We are happy to announce that we are ahead of schedule. Here is what jl777 said:
I dont think many people reading this thread realize that every day there are a dozen notary node operators updating to the latest build and helping troubleshoot any issues with the latest versions. Without all this effort there is no way that dPoW would have come together so fast as debugging is a time consuming process.

Having so many different servers testing it all at once… well it is hard for bugs to hide for long. They are all so busy with the servers, they hardly ever post here and are the unsung heroes — jl777
It turned out our team is not so anonymous after all! We have number of people willing to go in front of a camera and give an interview.

We will be having a live interview with on Friday, October 28, 2016 6PM UTC

Two of our team members will be there:
 - Technical expert @grewalsatinder (Satinder Grewal)
 - Administrative Assistant polycryptoblog

Written Interview
Our community manager Audo had a written interview with a Spanish newslet. The full article written in Spanish can be found from

The English transcript can be found from here.
We already have a testnet, we use the Zcash beta codebase, and the test notary nodes are creating successfull group transactions.

Because the development has been going so well and we are ahead of schedule jl777 decided to have a small holiday during the weekend. Good for him! Here are his latest updates:

A Testnet Notary Node Development Report 
A successfull 5 way signed notary tx 
Iguana Notary Dapp Creates A Notarized TX
A Working API Call for Notary TX Creation 
dPoW progress report 
dPoW Progress Report: It Is Working! 
How to Implement 5% APR
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