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Dear Frank,

All children and families bring unique talents, skills and gifts to the educational experience.

Multiple social influences affect a child’s educational success, many which exist outside our educational system. Our children are members of families which are unequally impacted by various socio-economic systems in our community.

For this reason, the partners of LAUNCH Flagstaff commit to a strategic, coordinated approach across all community sectors that ensures equitable access to world-class education for every child.  To do this, we must be innovative with tactics proven to build resiliency in struggling families, because household stability is fundamental to ensuring educational success for children.

LAUNCH Flagstaff seeks to build the capacity for community-wide, cross-sector data and information sharing that can help stakeholders and community leaders better identify the two or three common factors that are disproportionally impacting families and students in Flagstaff.  With this data, we can implement strategies that create a more equitable starting place for our most vulnerable children.

Establishing equity often requires a non-equal distribution of resources with the intent of creating equal opportunity of success for every child.  Working toward achieving equity will not be easy, but is one of the most important components of the work of LAUNCH Flagstaff.

Our work is focused on the greater Flagstaff area, including its surrounding communities.  We seek to support all schools of the Flagstaff Unified School District and charter schools in the Flagstaff area. Additional educational partners in our work include Coconino Community College, Northern Arizona University, NACOG Head Start and the Coconino County Educational Service Agency.  

With the perspective of equity for each child in the greater Flagstaff area, we are monitoring improvement in the following shared educational benchmarks as indicators of our progress:

These benchmarks are neatly aligned with the Arizona Education Progress Meter.


For LAUNCH Flagstaff, the scope of our work is not just in the K-12 educational continuum, but rather from cradle through career in the lives of Flagstaff children and citizens.

In the next email, I’ll explain the cradle through career continuum and where our collective impact efforts are focused.

With gratitude,

Paul Kulpinski,
Partnership Director
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