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The COVID-19 pandemic created some unique conditions from which we have adapted and redefined our implementation timeline of Elevate PreK.  This effort to expand equitable access to high-quality learning has continued to evolve and respond to the current challenges our community faces.  

Over this past year families with young children have been adversely impacted by the pandemic in a way that many did not anticipate.  The disruption to school and childcare services sent families scrambling to find solutions.  For families with children under age five the adverse impacts became higher.  Mothers disproportionally left the workforce due to childcare and preschool closures.  The limited number of childcare options in Flagstaff became even more limited as some centers and classrooms closed permanently, and staff who were already underpaid left the workforce for good.  The bulk of childcare is being provided by family, friends, and neighbors under less-than-ideal circumstances.  These conditions lack any quality measures to identify if children will be socially, emotionally, or academically ready for kindergarten.  On top of this, families are struggling with multiple stressors that trickle down to long-term childhood outcomes.  The implications of the lack of affordable and high-quality early childhood education are being recognized now on a world-wide level. For Flagstaff this issue is more important with the higher cost of living and lack of affordable housing options.  We need more support for our families with young children to strengthen our workforce, build up family stability, and set up the next generation of children for school readiness.

Elevate PreK is moving forward with the community investment in our young children.  This past yea we have:
  • begun coordinating social service agencies with the voices of families with young children at the center of these conversations
  • developed the Elevate PreK Resource Finder to help families find early learning resources 
  • fostered a multi-agency collaborative effort to develop a one-stop family resource center
  • developed a formal evaluation process for child outcomes and program fidelity
  • completed preparation to open our first pilot classroom at Kinsey Elementary with an enrollment of 18 four-year-olds in August 2021.  
  • facilitated the alignment of early childhood professional education curricula between high school CTE, community college AAS, and university BAS degrees
  • worked with other cities in Arizona who are developing similar early childhood education initiatives to create a state-wide sustainability plan for our long-term vision.
Research shows the best long-term investments for optimal outcomes come in the youngest years.  By continuing to invest in high quality early childhood education supports, we are laying the groundwork for better education outcomes and well-rounded adult outcomes that accelerates our economic recovery from the pandemic.  

This work is the result of the amazing collaborative action amongst the following key strategic partners as a result of the collective impact of LAUNCH Flagstaff:

Certainly, this progress could not be possible without the local community investment from:

These funds have started us on our long path to success. We look forward to the promising relationships we have cultivated over the past year for expanding our funding support. Elevate PreK is a perfect example of true community collaboration to achieve success toward a common goal.
With gratitude,

Paul Kulpinski,
Partnership Director


Elevate PreK is looking to hire our first lead teacher.  If you or someone you know is interested in being at the vanguard of changing the early learning landscape in Flagstaff, click on this button to learn more:
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The collaborative action resulting from LAUNCH Flagstaff
would not be possible without the financial support from:
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