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Dear Frank,

When it comes to cradle through career educational experiences, Flagstaff is program rich and infrastructure poor.  We have many good programs and organizations working hard to educate our children and prepare them for success in life.  

However, working in silos and competing for the same resources, these efforts have produced mixed results for our kids.
The data show that this lack of infrastructure has created opportunity gaps and disparities that prevent all of our kids from reaching their full potential.
This is why many of these organizations came together and formed what is now LAUNCH Flagstaff, with the objective of advancing a culture of world-class education for every child, from the time they are born through their career.
Stakeholders from public schools (pre-school through graduate school); businesses; government agencies, service organizations, private educators; non-profit groups and concerned citizens first convened in 2013 with the spirit of collaborative action through a framework of collective impact.
The collective impact framework requires:
  • A long-term, shared community vision and common agenda
  • Decision making based on local data and evidence
  • Alignment of existing resources in support of that shared vision, based on what works
  • Coordinated communication, shared accountability and continuous improvement
  • The impartial backbone provided by a neutral organization like LAUNCH Flagstaff
LAUNCH Flagstaff does not add a new program or service but provides the infrastructure in which community organizations can share resources, share accountability, share success and make a collective community impact.
Watch a one-minute video about collective impact.  Click the image.
Collective impact is designed to make what we are already doing every day, more effective through collaborative action.  This is what makes the work of LAUNCH Flagstaff different and better positioned to achieve success.
See the list of partner organizations that are engaged in this work.
In the next and final email of this introductory series, I’ll explain what we mean by world-class education.

Yours in collective impact,

Paul Kulpinski,
Partnership Director
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