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Hegwood Newsletter - January 2017

Welcome to this months addition of the Hegwood Electric Newsletter.  Our newsletter delivers a snap shot report for technology updates and industry news about Industrial Automation and Controls..and our role in all of it.  We hope this gives you some "mind candy" to think about and in particular your own applications and requirements.  If you want some more information on any particular subject and how we can assist, please contact us.

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Happy New Year - Resolutions and Goals
2016 quickly came to a close and now we're on to 2017.  A new year brings about personal resolutions and goals.  These resolutions and goals assist us in areas of our lives that we believe need to be accomplished or improved.

As a company, Hegwood Electric is guided in our resolutions and goal setting by our Vision and Mission Statements, as well as Our Core Cultural Values. Hegwood Statements.

 As we continuously work on our yearly, monthly, and job goals, we fine tune them to customer expectations.  Customer expectations include but are not limited to better communication, quicker turnarounds, time line transparency, additional services, and of course, value.

To continually improve upon and exceed our customer expectations, we are further investing in our staff, equipment, materials, and processes.  Our staff (myself included) receive continuing education classes and equipment training. Throughout the year, we study and debate the usability of our equipment.  Be it a din rail cutter, drill, oscilloscope, or software program, it will be reviewed and upgraded as necessary. This industry can change fast with the technological improvements we see daily. We constantly review the components our customers specify to confirm they are using the most up-to-date parts.  Our processes for Sales, Order Entry, Production, Quality Control, etc., are constantly being reviewed and improved upon.

Our resolution to you for 2017 is from our Mission Statement
We are committed to bringing the highest quality engineering, products, fabrication, and service to our growing list of global customers. Customers view us as a partner and an asset to their future and successful growth.

A Happy and Most Prosperous New Year to all.
The dark secret about "certified" control panels
In ABB's InControl newsletter (Issue 14) was an interesting article written by Manuel Haro. The author points out that unless specified, it's usually the enclosure that is certified and NOT the control panel as a whole.  As he states, “Panel buyers believe they are getting fully UL-listed assemblies, but often they are not. Another misconception is that UL-certified panel shops make only UL-certified panels. Also not true.”

Are the control panels that you order ACTUALLY UL508A certified?  What is the big deal you may ask? An enclosure, motor starter, and relay is essentially all the same. However, as UL states:

The UL Listing Mark on an industrial control panel provides evidence of third party certification to the municipal inspection authority and to the purchaser of the panel. It shows that the panel complies with an acceptable safety standard. The Listing Mark may be applied to a wide variety of designs -- ranging from custom built to standardized designs with only minor variations.

What "acceptable" safety standard do your control panels meet?

ABB InControl, Issue 14.  You can also download this report from our website at Hegwood Electric - News.  For more on our UL services, Hegwood Electric Services.
Virtual Reality by the Numbers: 5 Things You Need to Know in 2017

by: Chris Wiltz in Consumer Electronics, Electronics & Test, on December 28, 2016

In this article by Chris Wiltz, he writes about Virtual Reality (VR). A number of us have seen the ads for the VR sets that connect to our Samsung or Google phones, but generally it's been seen as part of a video game.  However, as the technology quickly improves and they become much more affordable, will we see them in the Industrial Automation and Controls Industry?

Just some areas where they could be used:
1. Training for Hazardous or Expensive to Replicate Environments
2. Sales and Marketing for viewing concept designs and large infrastructure projects.

One neat concept some acquaintances have worked on was to use the VR for treating phobias such as Acrophobia (fear of heights), Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces), and Glossophobia (fear of public speaking).

Although Hegwood Electric is currently using VR at this time, it probably won't be long.

To view the article in its entirety, the link is here - Virtual Reality by the Numbers
Projections estimate the VR market will be worth anywhere from $30-70 billion by 2020. (Image source: Greenlight Insights)
A New Beginning
This holiday season before Christmas, the Hegwood family went North to visit the in-laws.  My wife is nice enough to break the trip up for me as I prefer to stay busy.  Up early, check the news, emails, etc.  This year, we flew up to Boston and then drove to Bar Harbour, Maine.  This was our first visit to Maine and yes, it was cold, there was snow, and only the locals were open in town.  We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the area is beautiful. After a couple of days, we drove back down to Boston and then to the in-laws in Ossining, NY. As always, they are very hospitable and generous and it was great to see them doing well. Along with seeing the parents, sister, brother-in-law, cousins, niece, nephews, and so on, we saw the fourth generation, Sebastian and Sergio, as well.

With each new generation, we're given the opportunity to create a new beginning. With our experience and knowledge, can we successfully pass along our experience and help them learn from our mistakes? This not only applies to family, but our work associates as well. #2 of our cultural values states, "We're not only a team, but a family."  We have a New Year and thus a New Beginning in front of us, from our family to yours, we look forward to working with you all this year.

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been” 
― Rainer Maria Rilke
We hope you have found this newsletter informative and entertaining. If you have any interest in our products or Hegwood Electric services, please let us know.
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