Introducing the new GRC-12 Guide Rail Connectors

The first Self-Aligning Guide Rail Connector

Before the GRC-12, aligning connected guide rails required a variety of methods and additional tools to achieve straight connections. Even then, the connected rails are prone to shifting out of alignment. This misalignment is often difficult to detect without a long straight edge or similar tool. Misalignment became obvious when gaps showed up during assembly.

No longer! 

The Patent Pending GRC-12 is completely self-contained and self-aligning thanks to an innovative integral keystone feature. Simply slide the GRC-12 into your guide rail T-slots and tighten the set screws - you’re done.

Watch Eric easily, quickly and accurately join two guide rails with no need for secondary tools and methods to align rails. This is a brand new video that has not even gone live on our YouTube Channel. As a TSO Insider, you get an exclusive premiere!
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