Not merely an improvement over what has gone before but a completely new concept.

Only ONE (1) Parallel Guide track is required to rip parallel cuts.  Let us explain this preview:
Not exactly a secret, we have been working on and testing, refining and re-testing this new product to the point that we are now in production and preparing for shipments to start next month. Here is a picture of this new tool showing the final production configuration.

We’re not ready to announce a final price but you can be 
automatically notified here.

TSO’s Patent Pending concept: you start with sheet goods broken down to have one straight edge and one reliably square edge using the GRS-16. Since you are lining up your guide rail perfectly square to the near edge as shown in the picture, it follows that the guide rail is already parallel to the entire edge in the left of the picture. All that is needed is setting the edge distance repeatably at just ONE Point – as shown. Once that edge distance is set (as shown), there is no need for a second Parallel Guide T-track.

We’ll fill you in on all the other details you may be wondering about. Rest assured that we took a very detailed look at all the solution on the market up to now and made sure that we improve on their well-known shortcomings to present a Tool worthy of the  TSO name.

Of course, our System approach to design had us provide the attachment points for this new tool on the GRS-16 and GRS-16 PE more than a year ago. Look for the two tapped holes on either side of the GRS-16 TSO nameplate.

If this preview approach is well received, we’ll post additional previews on several other products some of which are already in quantity production as we write this.

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