TPG Adapter for TSO Parallel Guide System

Connect TSO Parallel Guides to your rail with the TPG Adapter,
an economical alternative to purchasing a second guide rail square.

The TPG Parallel Guide System was designed to utilize our GRS-16 or GRS-16 PE Guide Rail Squares as the connection point to your guide rail. In doing so, the TPG system performs two functions at once: it not only squares your workpiece, but it also provides a parallel and repeatable cut. It's the only parallel guide system on the market that can accomplish this feat in one cut.

Before this adapter was available, TPG users intending to use both left- and right-hand t-tracks at once required two guide rail squares. Now, the TPG Adapter provides a more economical alternative to using a second guide rail square. The TPG Adapter is compatible with either left- or right-hand t-tracks, and connects using the M6 comfort grip knobs and centering washers provided. It will not interfere with track saw plunge cuts, and can easily be moved along the guide rail or removed by loosening the M5 screws with the included ball-hex driver. The TPG Adapter secures to your guide rail using the same innovative keystone alignment feature and torpedo nut found on our GRC-12 Guide Rail Connectors, ensuring rock-solid attachment that's easy to install and remove.

Where does it make sense to use a TPG Adapter instead of a GRS-16?
We recommend always using at least one GRS-16 (or GRS-16 PE) with the TPG Parallel Guide System. That's because the TPG Adapter will only ensure your cuts are parallel; not square. This makes the TPG Adapter a less costly alternative to purchasing a second GRS-16 or GRS-16 PE if you intend to use two parallel guide t-tracks at once.


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