Infinite Possibilities

With TDS-10™, the first 20mm bench dog stop
featuring infinitely adjustable positioning.

The Festool® MFT/3 multi-function table and similar worktops featuring the 20x96mm hole pattern are fantastic--enabling a wide variety of work positioning, clamping and cutting operations. But these worktops can also seem frustratingly restrictive; you're limited to positioning bench dogs and clamps every 96mm. This limitation also makes precise, repeatable cuts needlessly challenging. No longer. Our newest innovation, the TDS-10 Dog Stop™, lets you break free from the confines of your 20x96mm worktop and precisely stop your material anywhere on your worktop!

The TDS-10 Dog Stop™ lets you have it your way:
  1. Place your workpiece in the required location
  2. Slide and lock the TDS-10 Dog Stop™ against it, tighten it down, and proceed to cut, sand, or DOMINO it
  3. If making repeated cuts, slide in your next workpiece and you're off to the races
Save your TDS-10 Dog Stop™ setup for later use--a far faster and more accurate alternative to re-measuring and re-clamping. Great for use with tracksaws, routers and, of course, mortising with a Festool DOMINO DF500 or DF700 for accurate and repeatable results. Precision machined from a solid piece of aluminum and anodized for a beautiful, non-marring finish.

Use your own bench dogs and M8 knobs, or add our very own DoubleGroove™ Dogs and M8 SpeedKnobs™ for a perfect fit.

Special thanks to our team of beta testers--professional craftsman--who put the TDS-10 Dog Stop™ to use in their own shops and job sites, and whose input led to an even better finished product.

Special Introductory Pricing:

$49.95 / pair


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