Gender Quotas - Do They Work?

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We hope that you still like our newsletter. From now on we would like to share a mix of things related to the glass ceiling. It will basically be our personal expansive view of what captured our attention in a given month. Like Gender Quotas. There is so much information…


Similar to the glass ceiling the opinions about gender quotas are many and divided. We actually didn’t know if there were any results known already? So we started searching the Internet. Here are some interesting articles:

No time to read? Check out this 2 min video:

We are moving forward. By 2018 ten European countries implemented gender quotas in their law. Norway was the first in 2003. But the laws are different and therefore difficult to compare. 

For now, it looks like soft laws are not effective. And only enforcing quotas and not changing the mindset full of biases probably will not change much in the long run. Foremost the critical mass has to believe the world will be a better place for everyone when people have equal opportunities. How can we do that? In Melinda Gates words: “Take a moment to start a conversation about gender equality, preferably with someone you’ve never discussed it with before. It will take 208 years to close major gender gaps in the United States — but this should only take a few minutes.”
The Film

Meanwhile….  we are still editing the film. We wish it would go faster. Annoying circumstances force us to be patient seeing this film coming together in the cutting room. We are doing everything we can to have the film ready asap. Promise!

Furthermore we have to wait before we can shoot again. Like many, we are working from home since mid March. Governmental regulations stop us from traveling abroad. Which is all understandable. Health is still more important than work. But we will be very happy when we can pick up the camera again and finish the shoot of the film. 


We ended our last newsletter with #AllLifeMatters. We sincerely didn’t know this hashtag is connected to racists groups. Sorry if we offended anyone. The expression comes from a place in our heart where we want more respect for life on this planet. 

Talking about the need of using #blacklivesmatter over #AllLifeMatters smoothly transitioned into us discussing the need of using gender quotas. Both create awareness for the group that gets less opportunities - which is a good thing - but at the same time they still create segregation between two groups. “We” versus “They”.
Do you think gender quotas should be implemented?

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