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A New Review!

Past few months have been so busy for me! I started a new business selling Satanic jewelry and merchandise at Dark Moon Merchant and things are really taking off. But, I wanted to take some time to review one of my favorite all time books on Tarot reading, a book that fundamentally helped me to understand Tarot in a more complete way: The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals.

Tarot reversals are a method of reading where the cards are free shuffled and some cards may end up being taken out of the deck for reading in a reversed position. Each of these these reversed cards from the deck carry their own energies and meanings that add something deeper to your reading.

The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals was the first book to fully explore the meanings behind the darker side of the Tarot. The reversed cards in a reading can give you a better understanding of your own readings, and this book will show you how!

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In May, I reviewed the Tarot of the Black Arts, created by Winter Laake. This is a unique deck made just for Satanists and people of the left hand path. Most specifically, I found, this deck is suited to those who are adept at working with the darker side of magic.

Tarot of the Black Arts is a deck of 80 cards is beautifully illustrated with a dark and surrealist style of art. With just enough classical tarot symbolism to keep it grounded, you can get a depth of meaning from every card in in this deck. Some of the imagery is based on dark mythologies, and others on vampiric lore.

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“(reversals) provide an opportunity to reach below logic and lead us into the realm of potentials and underlying causes where everything is connected and Magic happens..” – Mary K Greer
Many of the cards have a dark, visceral feel to them, setting the tone and feel for each reading. This is what you would expect to find with a Black Magician’s tarot deck. ..”
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