The 2016 Dream BIG Entrepreneurship and Small Business Summit
                                    Global Entrepreneur Week
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Dream BIG Entrepreneurship and Small Business Summit

The 2016 Dream Big Entrepreneurship Summit is a partnership between two minority women-owned firms who came together to help entrepreneurs turn their business dreams into reality.  

Philadelphia’s Inaugural Summit will debut during Global Entrepreneur Week.
Kysha Woods, Founder/CEO of Keitt Media Agency, Tamika Taylor, Founder/CEO of TaylorMade Executives Consulting Partners, David Oh Chairman of Council's Committee on Global Opportunities and Creative/Innovative Economy and YP social meet-up.
Live announcement of KMA and the TecPartners to host the inaugural 2016 Dream Big Entrepreneurship and Small Business Summit during Global Entrepreneur week, which is a global business conference in Philadelphia partnering with over 160 countries worldwide.
                Philadelphia City Hall (Caucus room 4th floor)
                                  1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd,
                                      Philadelphia, PA 19107
                          Wednesday October 5, 2016
                                   1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
To create awareness to compete in the Innovation Economy, we must immediately work-together to make Philadelphia stronger for entrepreneurs and start-up companies in all industries.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an annual event that celebrates entrepreneurs
and business owners in over 160 countries with 25,000 partners. GEW’s mission is to help produce more successful entrepreneurs by increasing the number of healthy startup communities and connecting entrepreneurs to better support services.
Global Entrepreneurship week is the largest celebration of innovators and
job-creators who launch start-ups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth
and expand human welfare.

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