Fire, the great transformer.
    What ignites you? 
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Dear <<First Name>>,

Fire, the great transformer, is the fourth and final installation in Watermark Arts' Elemental Art exhibit. Whatever fire touches is altered forever by the intensity of its blaze. Yet, fire is a vital part of life's rhythm. Just as we inspire and expire, we ignite and extinguish.

I often associate fire with creative passion, which led me to reflect on the meaning of these words:

  • heat: energy transferred from one body to another 
  • art: the transfer of human imagination to an expressive form
  • heat + art = heart: the vital part or essence of a body or form

Is fire at the heart of the creative spirit? What sparks your curiosity and interest? What ignites you?

In the spirit of renewal,


PS - Stay tuned for dates announcing two exciting Zoom film premieres. Watermark Arts will bring you Celebrating Susan Harper, Celebrating Continuum Montage and Materadancescapes.

An interactive art exhibit
Heart Passage, Gale Marsland
Temper Me
Poem by Raine Brown
Art by Melissa Forbes, Satya Kirsch, Barbara Mindell

This cauldron
This burning
This fire
This longing of my life
Which burns me from the inside
Threatens to consume me

“Go to the limits of your longing”
The Poet* enthralls me
“Flare up like a flame”
“Embody me”

I’m cast into the furnace
To test my faith
The flame inside me rises
Greater, stronger, fiercer
Than the fire which surrounds

I breathe in the heat, the smoke
Feed the longing which I fear
Will annihilate me
There in those flames
In the shadows cast by
That great glaring light
Form takes shape
Emerges to stand beside me
The king and all watching eyes
Perceive in awe
No longer one alone
But two
The loved and the beloved
Reach, take each other’s hand
Walk forward into life.
*Rainer Maria Rilke
Book of Hours, I 59
Radiance by David Gilbert

From the blaze of extreme circumstances can arise the most essential version of oneself. How does the most essential self within you move? 

View Barbara Schaefer's gestural self-portrait so be it. Replay the film and respond to the sound score with intrinsic gestural movement.

Pastel, Mary Abrams
Sun, Melissa Forbes

Megan Bathory-Peeler and Elaine Colandrea have united for the month-long Elemental Moving Body workshop, a collaboration between Shantigar Foundation
and Watermark Arts.



Stay tuned for an invitation to the zoom film premiere of Materadancescapes, a dance film collection responding to the unique landscape of the Murgia in Matera, Italia. 


Created by Elaine Colandrea and Prue Jeffries, each card offers an image and a somatic practice to deepen awareness to your felt, sensed experience. Enhance your personal practice and increase your embodied presence, artfully!
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Temper Me Art: Watercolors by Satya Kirsch, Earth Fever by Barbara Mindell, Union by Melissa Forbes
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Image above: Tamara Melcher, Celestial Dimensions
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