What is life-force? 
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Watch The Ways of Water: A Call to Life  (2 min.)
"I don't know how to define life-force, or for that matter soul or spirit. I know that everyday life tamps it down. I know that when I go into Continuum practice, tending to nuances of breathing and sensation while moving fluidly, something sparks in me, something comes alive. I'm refreshed. When I go back to the outer world - wow, everything flows effortlessly." ~ Elaine Colandrea
Water ... is the generative primordium
unifying all life on earth.
Join a community of somatic explorers,
exploring the ways of water
July 1-6, 2018
Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, New York

Why come to Omega? If you know Continuum ... let us remind you of the irreplaceable value of immersion in long sessions, daily over several days, to restore your life-force. It's our wish to grow fully-alive, sensate presence within ourselves and in other seekers, through the practice of Continuum.

If you are newer to Continuum, this is an opportunity to answer the questing of your wholeness-seeking heart, through somatic movement. You will cultivate skills most native to the human being
- your breath, your sound, subtle movement - bringing insight to the problems you face,
evoking your instinct for health,
drawing you closer to the ways of water. 
These are skills often overlooked and ignored, yet once you know how to work with them,
they are yours forever.

We are looking forward to moving with you on this adventure.
Elaine Colandrea & Watermark Arts
with The 2018 Somatic Summit Faculty of Continuum Teachers
                   Mary Abrams                   Robin Becker      Bobbie Ellis         Rebecca Lawson              Beth Pettengil Riley
                   Priscilla Auchincloss      Sharon Weil        Ashima Kahrs     Melanie Gambino            Val Leoffler
                   Megan Bathory-Peeler   Ellen Cohen        Bonnie Gintis      Amber Elizabeth Gray    Suzanne Wright Crain
What are the "ways of water"? 
Think of how water changes its shape to that of its surroundings,
finds any way out of its container,
moves in spirals and serpentine meanderings.
Every creature, every plant, every ecosystem - everything needs water, in countless ways.

Whether in the body or on a planetary scale,
water teaches us about adaptability, wholeness and interconnection. 

Enlight by Prue Jeffries
Continuum is an inquiry into living as a fluid system.
Water is a palpable representation
of the energy stream of evolution, 
driving the development of consciousness and compassion,
supporting the well-being of each part in the larger whole.

At Omega this year ...
Enter the stream through your own experience,
guided by experienced Continuum teachers.
Be immersed in 5 days of learning through movement,
as well as an evening of dance, poetry and music performance.
Revel in the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley surrounding Omega Institute,
with a lake for swimming and kayaking, trails for walking and gardens to rest in.
Take in nourishing food, massage, free classes in yoga, meditation and more.

Image: Enlight by Prue Jeffries
Omega's Center for Sustainable Living
Omega reclaims its wastewater using processes that mimic what goes on in nature.
Omega's gray water, though not healthy for human consumption,
provides nutrition and nourishment for plants to thrive.
Water unifies all living existence.
Just as plants and water are each transformed - and revived - as the water streams through,
you find yourself refreshed from the inside out in the practice of Continuum.

Your life-force is liberated to flow, touching every aspect of your life with joy.

Now, take 3 minutes to connect to fluid wisdom, with a guided exploration (3 min).

Join us this summer for the

Artful Embodiment:
Diving in the Waters of Creation

July 1-6, 2018
The Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY
For workshop details, contact Elaine:
For Omega info and registration: SOMATIC MOVEMENT SUMMIT


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