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Dear <<First Name>>,

Water Wisdom, the third installment in Watermark Arts' elemental art exhibit, is a tribute to the transformational powers of water. Our bodies are saturated with this extraordinary substance. Immerse yourself in Water Wisdom and bathe in your innate potentiality

As 2020 began, fires raged in many parts of the world. Watermark Arts responded with the Water Blessing Project, our yearlong dedication to life-giving water. 

Now as Midsummer approaches, life beckons us to step into nature and reconnect with nourishing Water Blessing experiences, whether individually or responsibly in a small group.

As you convene with water, consider harnessing its wisdom to respond to the global challenges of this time. For many, fire has returned this week, setting streets and souls ablaze. Our hearts go out to all who are affected by long-standing racism.

In our search for reducing fragmentation and restoring wholeness, the practice of becoming like water offers a path of inquiry. We hope our gallery serves as a resource.

Please join us,

Elaine Colandrea    Prue Jeffries         Sandra Capellaro          Rori Smith

Artistic Director   Creative Director  Galleries Administrator  Editor

Image above: Prue Jeffries, CosmoBeing. Image below: David Gilbert, Immersion

An interactive art exhibit
Like Water a poem by Bobbie Ellis
 Photography by Jamie McHugh & Prue Jeffries
Art by Suzanne Wright Crain & Barbara Mindell

Wind moves the water
Like the breath moves the body
Many variations with layered currents
Moving in all directions

My Attention can get quite focal
only being aware of the bigger waves
Of an inhale and the crash of the exhale

Yet if I stay in relationship long enough
Riding the silence for a good while
I can sense and feel
The small undulate currents
Under each rib

The way my pelvis changes shape
Like sand changing with the coming tides

The way my head moves
to accommodate the top of the wave curl
Each vertebrae sliding and gliding independently
And yet connected to the large intelligent whole
Like the movements of the ocean
The wave comes up and out towards the shore
Yet the current underneath pulls back
toward the uplifted wave
To somehow support the reach
Gravity helps us to reach
To touch
And make contact with the world
In our evolution
Our ancestral waters are on the inside
Each species calling us
Back to intelligent, fluid discovery
Opening time and space
To commune with our origins…
My body of water
makes waves
it knows calm
does not equal peace

Noelle Adamo, My Body of Water, excerpt

My Body of Water (2.15 min.)
Video Creation: Prue Jeffries. Poem: Noelle Adamo. Dance: Elaine Colandrea with Megan Bathory-Peeler, Sandra Capellaro, Melanie Gambino, Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, Dana Rudikoff. 

Move your own "body of water..."

Our bodies are primarily composed of fluids. At times, lack of movement or the performance of repetitive actions can impede the flow of fluids, causing us to feel stiff.

Moving like water - drifting, flowing and meandering - in waves, arcs and curves - can unwind tension and restore one's fluid nature - mutable, adaptable and life-giving.

Immerse yourself in these watery images from our artist galleries, accompanied by John Bianculli's ever changing piano improvisation, and enrich your experience by responding in movement.


Water Blessing Instructional Video (6.53 min.)

Partner with water in this significant inquiry and timely dance.

View the instructional video to learn how to participate in the Watermark Arts Water Blessing Project.

 Find more information, including written
directions at this link:

Water Blessing Project

Let us know how you plan to practice
Water Blessing by writing to

Elaine at info@watermark-arts. org.

Document your experience with
writing, photographs and/or video. 

Please send records of your Water Blessing experience for inclusion in an upcoming Watermark Arts Journal.

Water Blessing Live Performance at the Sanctuary (4 min)

View a Water Blessing performed during the Somatic Movement Summit at Omega in July 2019.

Video creation: Prue Jeffries. Music: Morena Boschetto 

Created by Elaine Colandrea with Noelle Adamo, 
Beatrice Ehrsam, Nicole Faustini, Melanie Gambino, 
Lauren Grady, Lila Greene, Meredith Johnson,
Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, Rori Smith, Kori Tolbert.

Created by Elaine Colandrea and Prue Jeffries, each card offers an image and a somatic practice to deepen awareness to your felt, sensed experience. Enhance your personal practice and increase your embodied presence, artfully!
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Like Water images #1 - 2 by Jamie McHugh, #3 - 8 by Prue Jeffries, 
#9 by Suzanne Wright Crain, last image by Barbara Mindell.
Please visit our galleries to immerse yourself
in the work of the artists in this exhibit on our site.
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Image above: David Gilbert, Flow
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